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Christmas is 2 weeks away and again I’m nowhere near ready. I keep trying to do all the things I’ve always done. But each year brings its own challenge to my idea of tradition. I have baked massive amounts of cookies and breads since I was 15. I always loved shopping for the perfect gift for each person. I collected ornaments until there was no room left on my tree.

But as I aged and the children left home, the need for cookies and the ability to stand and make them has decreased. I end up giving what I make to anyone who will take them. I certainly don’t need them but they are almost 60 years of tradition started by my mother.

My family size has changed several times but so far I have been fortunate enough not to spend the holidays alone. That may come yet. The one constant in my life has been change. Each year I must adapt my traditions to my new situation. And that my friend, is the greatest gift my parents ever gave me. THE ABILITY TO ADAPT. I often want things to be just like they always were but when I look back, they weren’t always so nice. Every day brings a new challenge and a new gift.

So once again I’m letting go of expectation and trying hard to embrace a different kind of holiday. Maybe, with help from my adult children, I’ll have the important things done on time. The rest, I just have to let go of and move on to the next great task. That would be paying for Christmas. There is a sideways smile in there if you can’t feel it. I got up today so life is good.

From my heart to yours


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