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I was feeling a bit low this weekend. The dizziness was back full force and it exhausted me more than usual but for some reason the severe headaches had stopped. I was grateful and I said so. I sat all day Saturday doing very little and by Sunday morning I wanted to do something different.

I tried the week before to go to a new church but that didn’t feel like a good fit for me. So my daughter suggested this morning going to the mall for a bit of an indoor walk out of the wind while she hunted down a pair of dress slacks for work. That was good for some much needed exercise. That worked out well for me but the dizziness was taking its toll. I was getting more disheartened by the moment.

Next we headed up to the grocery to pick up a few things we needed. Coming up the hill I noticed the parking lot was already full. I was the passenger as usual since it’s still not safe for me to drive and to my right I caught the glimpse of a young man holding up a cardboard sign. I caught just of glimpse of that as well since my right eye is legally blind picking up only large items with no detail. But the part of the sign that was important caught me. Student-legally blind-stuck-hungry and scared. I asked my daughter if she caught what was going on and she said we would check it out if he was still there when we left. I asked if she thought he was on the level and she said “It didn’t matter, what was important was that someone needed help.” I found out from her later that he was dressed in those baggy pants that hung down low but for some reason I was blinded to it. I never noticed.

As we got back into the car with our purchases, I opened my purse while my daughter put the cart in its proper place. I knew I had a $5 bill but first I found a single. I put them both in my hand and thought to myself; if I’d gone to church this morning I would have put this in the offering plate so this is what I will offer. Now, I never give money to street beggars. I don’t trust that most are honorable in ways that matter. But we both heard something inside us that compelled us to check this out. We pulled out of our parking space and moved down the road to find him sitting on the curb with his head down wrapped in his arms. Sign down on the sidewalk. My daughter looked at me and I handed her the $6 and said check this out for me. She walked over to him and he didn’t move back into begging position. He had given up. She sat down next to him and began a conversation. Then a few moments later, stood, bent down to give him a hug and walked back to me. He jumped up from his spot saying “God bless you!” and left.

It seems he was a university student who was attending a children’s literature class and his ride had bailed out on him. He was $6 short of being able to get home and on that beautiful Sunday morning, NO one stopped to give him a hand.
Now, this is not all about me being nice. This is about the synchronicity of him saying he needed $6 and that’s exactly what my daughter had in her hand. He couldn’t see it because he was legally blind. It’s about him being there to test our hearts. My daughter would not have left him anymore than I would. We were of the same mind that morning and we were absolutely guided. You can’t tell me that there isn’t some force in the universe that runs things. It was a reminder to me that I’m not alone either. That things will work out even when they look bleakest. That young man had given up just like I think of doing some days when nothing gets better. But how can I give up when $6 makes such a big difference in someone’s life?

From my heart to yours,


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