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It’s been 2 years and 3 months since I woke up with what the doctors thought was Shingles. The next day it became Bells Palsy. It’s supposed to go away in a few weeks or at most a few months. Guess I fooled them. I have never done anything normally in my life so why start there.

Even with my vision I made a liar out of the doctors. The military doctors told my mother when I was 9 years old that I would be blind before I was 21 and to save her time and their money and take me home. That was the first time I ever heard her swear at anyone in English. We showed them. I can still see well enough to get around and I’m well past 21.

Now I want to find relief from this very weird illness. I finally gave in to the expense of it and found a place on the bus line that offers massage affordably, at least for the first visit. It’s hard to do without a recommendation. I called several places and a couple I didn’t get a good feel for the establishment. Now, I’ve had massages in 3 states by many different massage therapists. They are not all equal in quality. One of the very first I ever had here in California over 20 years ago was so perfect that it even had an effect on my emotional body. I was so sorry when that young woman had to give up her work after developing an autoimmune disease. She has been my yardstick.

I’ve had wonderful massages in my small town in Arizona by a woman who went back to school to learn other modes of alternative healing. I really miss her too. I’ve had massage therapists that talked more than they massaged about personal issues so I couldn’t take that time to forget my own. Then I got a sermon from a fundamentalist. If I’d had my clothes on, I would have left my offering and bolted. I kept running into that same women all over town for some reason but I never went back to her. I had several gifts of massage from my family with unknown therapists. It was like being gifted a house cleaner for a day and she turned out to be an 80-year-old who then tells me she doesn’t do any of the high work. You have to pay them for a half done job. Yes, that actually happened. It’s been a really interesting life.

My sister took me to see her regular massage therapist in Oregon. She was wonderful but I couldn’t get there unless my sister took me and then had to pick me up. Way too much driving to be practical. She even did some craniosacral massage on my head. Then I moved once again.

I’ve had some uncomfortable experiences at various Day Spa’s. I’m no longer young and slender. Lack of balance has left me cautious about a lot of physical movement. Unfortunately, the lack of balance hasn’t slowed down my appetite. So I’m rounder than I’d like and a little embarrassed about getting a massage. These young ladies at the Spa treated me as though I was their best customer with no visible signs of disdain. I felt welcome and comfortable there.
Thankfully, I was introduced to a really good massage therapist. Erin, my new massage therapist asked what areas needed special attention. I let her know about the damage the Bells Palsy had done to the nerves in my head affecting my neck, shoulders and face. Duly noted, she proceeded to find all the tender spots while simultaneously sending me to my version of heaven. I asked during the second visit if anyone had ever melted through the massage table. At that moment, I honestly could have. That’s when you know you’ve had a great massage.

I’m not sure why women more commonly get massage then men. We as a nation consider massage a luxury reserved for the decadent and wealthy. But it has in the last 2 weeks aided my healing process enough that I have started to try driving a bit more. The dizziness is not as overwhelming as before and the headaches have subsided. Maybe it’s the relaxation of the nerves and muscles around them that’s helping. To me, massage should be included as one of the first lines of medical assistance. The chiropractor I went to see here locally suggested it would be more help than he could offer. He refused to adjust me again fearing doing more damage. So there you go.

Some insurance companies cover chiropractic and some even cover acupuncture but rarely massage. What a shame that is because so many could benefit medically from regular massage. I signed up for a series of 3 massages because they were offered at the discounted price. So I get 2 more trips to heaven that I’m excited to experience. Erin was more wonderful the second time than the first. Imagine how grand I will feel at the end of 2 more visits.

Treat yourself to the experience of a lifetime if you’ve never had a massage. If you’ve put off getting another, consider it an investment in your health. I think it’s a better value than health insurance. Even a bad massage is better than none. But a good one, there are no words to describe how it heals the soul.

From my heart to yours,


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