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I was in a workshop yesterday at the Santa Clarita Senior Center to learn about blogs. Only a couple of us had already started blogs. I was hoping to learn how to improve mine and get more conversations going. My writing teacher was the person giving the workshop.

What I did hear once again from her was that blogs should be kept short and frequent. My posts are usually long and only once a week. It’s hard to keep things interesting and entertaining while trying to share or receive information. I have so much yet to learn about writing and blogging.

Sitting in on another writing class before the workshop I was privileged to hear so many wonderful stories from other seniors. Several brought bust out loud belly laughs and then brought you to tears. That’s what I aspire to become; the kind of writer who runs you through the whole gamut of emotions. But mostly I want to give you a laugh. That’s going to be a tough one for someone who was born 108 years old to start with.

Lighten up is my new mantra. Find the fun in life and share it. Maybe that’s the key to wellness also. I’ve tried everything else. There has been no response to my query on how to recover from this oddly long-term, seriously debilitating Bells Palsy. So unless it miraculously disappears overnight, the subject will fade into the background.

This gypsy is on the move again so short posts will work just fine right now. I have a week to pack then off we go to find a place for me to live quietly (or not) alone. It’s just another adventure for this old woman.

Wish you were all in writing class with me today. I’m bringing treats as if we were in grade school. It’s my way of saying thank you and goodbye to those who have been so kind to welcome this stranger. So tell me, what works best for you, long posts or short?

From my heart to yours,

Comments on: "In Search of a Better Blog" (1)

  1. I just discovered you and look forward to your future posts. Happy moving!



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