Looking for answers to life's questions

It’s a new year and I must decide what to make of it. I want to write my stories as well as make things to give as gifts. Something tangible to say ”Yes, I was here”. While I’m at it, if there is a magic genie out there, I want to be thin, rich, and beautiful. Guess who the genie has to be?

Reading other bloggers writing has recently left me totally blown away by the level of creativity and imagination that they possess. My blogging friend at Gardening Nirvana writes about her garden and her fairy gardens. The imagination that goes into her fairy gardens actually left me breathless and stunned. I have no concept of how that level of imagination works. Another blogging friend at Boomdeeadda writes about her crafts that are so fun and delightful, I feel as though I have been sitting under a rainbow while I read.

I, on the other hand, write “just the facts ma’am”. Life for me has been real and tight. Budgets were tight, shoes were tight, emotions and rules, tighter still. Imagination was not something that was encouraged in our home. We colored in the lines at school and not at all at home. I was once given a paint by number set by someone other than my parents, somehow managing to get paint on my clothes in the process of completing the picture. Getting paint on my clothes created a crisis in our house since I had so few. I had to get work with neighbors to raise the money to buy new clothes. I was 12 at the time.

How do you go from paint by number to fairy gardens? I wish I knew. All of my projects have directions and if I don’t understand the directions or do them incorrectly, everything comes to a grinding halt. I’m afraid I may have passed that on to some degree to my children. We all graduated from the “Do it right and do it well” school. There is a place for that but I see now there is a place for imagination to rule the roost.

For those of you who are not sure if your writing makes any difference in the world, I can guarantee, it does. You’ve probably touched more lives than you know. I know I question mine every week. I’ve learned how to be happy with less from livingsimplyfree and the difference between Miracle Whip and Mayonnaise from Texana”s Kitchen. Now, she can write funny and serious. Every day, I learn something from you wonderful bloggers and I just have to let you know.

I’m trying to write happy and funny stories but I have so little experience with them. It’s not even in the realm of my imagination. Another blogging friend writes about reducing her life to the smallest footprint possible. I’ve lived that most of my life. I know it well. I want to imagine a big life, filled with joy and toys and happy experiences. Why didn’t anyone tell me that imagination was the most vital key to a fulfilling life? Now, how do I develop one? That’s what I want to learn next.

“I am enough of an artist to draw freely upon my imagination. Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.” Albert Einstein

From my heart to yours,
Marlene Herself

Comments on: "In Search of Imagination" (6)

  1. Thank you so much for mentioning my blog, I’m glad I inspire you. I believe that all families have some restrictions in them, for me I wasn’t allowed to learn to play an instrument because “only boys do that” but I was taught to be creative and to embrace a diy life. There are things that children can do that will bug the life out of a parent. For me that was my youngest son’s drumming on every surface of the house, just to hear the sounds. I would hold my breath, count to ten and tell myself this was something he had to experience and maybe it would lead to something in the future, like the group Stomp, but it was hard not to yell at him to stop! What can you take away from your upbringing that was good, focusing on that instead of what you missed out on may help


    • I learned to to it right and do it well. There were a lot of good things that came out of tough times. I manage better than most through them. But imagination breathes the life into us. I would see it try to creep in, only to have someone shoot it down. Now, I want it back! How is that accomplished?


      • I tend to be a perfectionist when it comes to my diy. I had found a tray and realized I had these paint chips. I knew I wouldn’t be happy with it if it wasn’t perfect, so I invited my grand daughter over to “help” it turned out nicely, but I am free to tell people she did it, so if someone is thinking it’s not perfect they won’t look funny at me:-)


  2. Marlene, I wish I could give you a big hug, first for being such a doll and second to let you know how special you are. You can only affect the future so I’m happy you are looking to grow your imagination. Are there writing classes in your area or even toastmasters? That’s a great place to be mentored and earn the confidence in yourself you so richly deserve….Another thing about taking a class in something you enjoy is meeting people with the same interests, someone to bounce things off of. Someone to share your love of writing, which we are lucky to enjoy. Thanks for considering me a friend worthy of a mention in your wonderful post. xoK


    • Thanks for reading Kelly. I’m looking for classes here but have been so busy getting settled, holidays and selling my house that I’ve had no luck yet. The senior center here didn’t offer them and neither did the college as a non credit class. Not giving up, just catching my breath. You all have truly inspired me. I’m free as a catepillar now. Gonna be a butterfly soon. Not being able to drive much slows me down some but I’m making up for it in determination. I would have mentioned you sooner, just didn’t know how to get the tech part to work for me. Learn something new everyday is my motto. Hugs, M




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