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I can easily get lost in the wonder of exploring things I haven’t seen in the last year and some of my things have been stored for well over two years. Some are still in boxes in the garage waiting for the last move. That leads me to a familiar quandary. On what do I place my focus now? I’ve had this discussion with my son many times as he has inherited the interest in a wide variety of things from his mother. Some people call it ADD.

I have a book somewhere as yet unpacked called “The Power of Focus” by Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen and Les Hewitt. I also own “The Power of Focus for Women” by Fran Hewitt and Les Hewitt. It has been sitting on my headboard for the longest time waiting for me to finish it. I just couldn’t get focused.

focused on the project

focused on the project

What I thought I picked up from the first perusing of the book, was that it’s hard to get good at everything so focus on just one thing and become proficient at that. That wasn’t the case. There was so much more to the book. It was more about focusing on getting the life you want. Well, I could use a little of that.

I have so many interests that most days I was spinning my wheels just trying to decide what to do next. I would normally go sew, embroider, craft, paint, or walk miles for exercise and meditation. These days, I’m requiring a different kind of focus. It seems to be more introspective than creative.

Right now my sewing room is a guest room while my sister makes her changes from one place to another, so I can’t sew anyway. We spent the last week packing up her apartment and then cleaning it from top to bottom. Not an easy feat for this tipsy chick. I’m going to try and figure out how to make that a more comfortable guest room since it looks like it will be used in that capacity more often than not.

I read voraciously. Now I can do it without guilt. I have finished 3 books this week including this one.

A good read

A good read

I’m trying also to focus on ways to get well. I think that it’s an option still open to me. Meditation is something else I’m trying to focus on since the walking and gardening meditation have not been available this winter. Come on spring!

Most of us have many things going at once. Trying to do too many of them sometimes leads to doing none well. Making a list sometimes helps me see what should be a priority for the day, week, month, etc. The top of my list is my health but often my actions put it at the bottom. Not eating healthy all the time and easily being distracted from exercise brings my lack of commitment into focus big time.

When I look back on all that has transpired in my life, it seems like everything else has been stripped away from me so I have only a couple of things to focus on. Writing is what I can do now; even more so than reading, actually. The other is my next topic, if I find the courage to post about it. We shall see.

One reason so few of us achieve what we truly want is that we never direct our focus; we never concentrate our power. Most people dabble their way through life, never deciding to master anything in particular. ~ Tony Robbins

From my heart to yours,
Marlene Herself

Comments on: "In Search of Focus" (5)

  1. I’m with you,hurry up spring I’m getting cabin fever. What a task to help pack up an entire apartment when you are having these issues, I hope you are able to enjoy the company of your sister while she stays with you.


    • I’ve learned to lean on things while I clean to stay upright. It makes it more of a challenge but still gets the job done. My sister will be staying with me on weekends when she comes into town. So now the work is on the guest room is a priority. After I finish the next project. 🙂 I’m pretending spring is already here.


  2. How awesome to have your sister for company Marlene. Late night heart to hearts, giggles over coffee, what a fantastic diversion from the status quo. Spring does seem to be around the corner. We went to our skating rink today and it was closed 😦 I’m currently watching “Some Like It Hot”, what I love is they didn’t seem to take life to serious in the 50’s. There was so much optimism and fun back then. I’m living outside the box, I’m going to live the life of a 50’s girl. Fun clothes, fun music….maybe it’s ok to go backwards sometimes.


  3. “I have so many interests that most days I was spinning my wheels just trying to decide what to do next.”

    Boy can I ever relate to that! Sometimes I concentrate on cooking, and then I find myself longing to read. Or I focus on writing and wish I could get outside.

    I understand Tony Robbins’ quote, but isn’t mastering one thing like deciding to only eat lettuce? I’m not sure if I would rather do one thing and master it, or do many different things and have an appreciation for them all.


    • Tony Robbins is at the helm of my quandry. I always think I’ll like to be proficient at at least one thing well enough that I could make a living at it. But being in search of it all, I want to know everything. I’m with you though. Just can’t seem to box myself in nor do I really want too. Life is just so full of good stuff. Another vote for ADD. Thanks.



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