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Is it really almost here? The calendar said it’s only eleven more days away. But we are being teased with signs of it everywhere. Hope of warm and green abound. Stepping out onto my finally dry deck, (it’s quite slick when wet) I was able to get a good look at the potted plants I put there when I moved in last October. The pansies have survived and the heather has thrived. New growth on the heather warms my heart.

New growth on the heather. Yay!

New growth on the heather. Yay!

My daughter sent a text while at work on Friday to see how I was feeling and if I was up for an adventure. Well, I’m always up for an adventure no matter how I feel. I met her at her apartment as she gets home at 12:30 on Fridays, then riding with her into downtown. We had a quick lunch at a Greek hole in the wall that was a block away from the Chinese Garden. The sun was shining but still a bit crisp. My toes didn’t warm up all day. I wasn’t expecting much since my sister said the Chinese Garden was low on her list of local attractions. What a pleasant surprise we had. Maybe it was our attitude of just enjoying what came our way that day.

Let's have a local adventure

Let’s have a local adventure

There were some very potent scents greeting us as we walked into the garden area. I asked about taking photos and the curator said it was a requirement and he would be checking for quality on our way out. Already a reason to giggle. There were plants I had never seen before and the fragrance of their flowers followed us every step of the way.

best smelling flowers ever

Yellow daphne. A new plant for me to experience

Yellow daphne. A new plant for me to experience

As we came to the end of a very small garden we found the tea house. The thought of tea makes my daughter’s essence vibrate. Her eyes light up and there is pleading in them. I said to her that we had already had lunch but maybe we could have tea and dessert here. What the heck would a few more calories hurt if it made her that happy to sip tea. There were so many to choose from, so we each had a different tea to share. I took my dessert home.
While sipping tea and looking over the garden, we were entertained by a mature Chinese gentleman playing traditional Chinese music on a violin like instrument. I did ask permission to take his picture. The fun part was when I heard “You are my sunshine” and “The Red River Valley” coming from that classic Chinese instrument I think was an Erhu. I looked over at him and smiled the “I hear what you are playing” smile. He shot a tiny one back at me. Most of the patrons weren’t really listening.

playing ehru

Back at home Friday evening, the neighborhood ducks were wandering all over. A lovely couple found a nice warm spot under the carport to take a break. The sun had left the asphalt quite warm as it made its descent. I don’t know about you, but spring and fall are my seasons. The extremes of winter and summer find me longing for more balance. I hear the birds chirping and saw the first robins here yesterday. Yes, I think spring is coming and I am ever so grateful. Are you seeing the signs?

does this look safe (2)ducks resting cropped

“In the spring, at the end of the day, you should smell like dirt.”Margaret Atwood, Bluebeard’s Egg

From my heart to yours,
Marlene Herself

Comments on: "In Search of Spring" (4)

  1. What a lovely day. Yes we are seeing signs of spring popping up around us. A few bulbs have started to peek out from the ground around town. With temps reaching 66 today we spent the afternoon outside wandering through town at the direction of the little one who had missed so much during winter.


  2. Lucky you to see a little green. We aren’t quite there yet although I did see some pussy willows on the very top of a tree I see outside our second story window. We also had a flock of sparrows stop by and sing like maniacs on the weekend…that’s about it. Last Thursday they got buckets of snow in Calgary…hehe. So far, we’re laughing.


    • I heard from my old town they just got another 8 inches and it’s been below 0 night temps most of the winter. Give me the rain anyday.No shovel required. You will get teased wtih the spring soon, I’m sure. But don’t laugh too hard. You know how that can go. 🙂



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