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Like a lot of the country, we went from cold and rain to a major heat wave. I have abandoned my living room and kitchen. When it’s hot, I can’t eat. I’m grateful my bedroom is not on the west-facing side. My sister brought me her portable AC unit that I had to try to find a place to vent it. I have sliding doors and the window it vents out is in the sewing room. Not ideal but I’ll take any help I can get. These are unusual temps for this area and these old buildings have no insulation. I’m not complaining though because so many places are hotter by a lot. I’m grateful my laptop can go to my bedroom where it’s cooler.

My son is coming for a very short visit over the 4th of July. It will cool down a bit by then. His aunt is visiting her daughter an hour from us and we will go down to see them and celebrate. My ex-sister-in-law was here for a couple of days before going back to her daughters. I gave her my “Welcome to Spring” embroidery that she loved so much. I can make another later. There will be no sewing of any kind for the next week. Only hugging and talking. Don’t you just love those kinds of holidays?

Even with my lack of real motivation the last couple of weeks, I did get a little something accomplished. I finished the quilt for my friends rescued dog and finally got over to give it to her. It was hard to get pictures of Chloe as the high pitch from the digital camera bothered her ears. Chloe welcomed me like I was family. You can see here how much she looks like my Schatzie did. She seemed to like her blanket. Her mom had another hospital run the week before so I was glad to get a chance to visit after my sister-in-law went back to my niece’s house.

free form pattern flannel front

free form pattern flannel front

green minke on the back for softness

green minke on the back for softness

Chloe on her blanket

Chloe on her blanket

One blind eye just like me

One blind eye just like me

Between getting the little quilt done, I was also able to help encourage my daughter with her new shirt. We both loved the fabric. I didn’t like the pattern instructions. I told her next time we would do it differently for a better finish. She is so happy to have this accomplishment under her belt. That makes taking on another easier.

She doesn't like her picture taken. Me either

She doesn’t like her picture taken. Me either

She is normally the queen of procrastination. I think it’s a family trait. I have to work hard to beat it. She is proud to wear it as it turned out so well. Now we need to figure out what we will tackle next. Once the company is all gone and the heat abates a bit, maybe I can think again. Funny how your brain melts with the rest of you. I’ll be taking some time to organize my thoughts and my workroom.

How do you go from one project to the next? Do you keep lists of things to do? Are you projects in front of you or do you have to go find them? Are you taking a little respite during this holiday? What keeps you moving forward?

From my heart to yours,
Marlene Herself

Comments on: "In Search of a Respite" (6)

  1. JackieP said:

    Most of my projects are on my computer, so I don’t have a hard time finding them. 😉 We are having a bit of a heat wave here too in Canada, after floods, so it is unusually muggy and hot. I’m so thankful for my AC in my bedroom window,or I would never sleep.


  2. Hi Marlene,

    It sounds like a lovely holiday ahead. I hope your heat wave breaks soon.

    As for projects, I try to organize the pieces into boxes, folders or some other visible container so I can jump in when I have the time (seldom of late). Once I put something away, I’m doomed.

    I’ve been working my way through my ‘craft it forward’ projects, with four done and three to go. Knowing they are for someone else motivates me, but knowing I also need to blog about it slows down the whole process since I have to take before, progress and finished pictures along the way. I’m having fun though.

    Wish the heat would pass as well. No AC here either with temps up in the high 90s all week.

    Happy 4th!


    • I hope you have a wonderful 4th as well. We should get a little break in the weather and then it goes back up.
      I’m with you. If I’m making something for someone else, it goes faster. If I put it away, well, the dark hole swallows it up. I can’t sew in the heat either. My brain is in meltdown. Stay cool somehow. I’m in and out of the shower several times a day since I no longer perspire.


  3. I appreciate the “What keeps you moving forward…” Thanks


  4. I’m way behind but do remember Alys talking about the heat in California too. We’ve had a few really hot days in early July and moved the top of our bed into my craft room because that’s where the AC is. It’s ok if I get lousy sleeps because I’m retired but poor Mr B has to really get good rest to be able to manage work well. I’m so happy that your friend was able to give Cloe a home. My mom had a dog that looked just like her when we were kids, his name was Stormy. He didn’t like kids much.
    I generally have a few things going at once and keep trays of ongoing projects and yet to start projects. Basically, I should never go into a scrapbook store ever again…LOL right!


    • I figured you would be catching up soon. Life is in session and we all do what we can. Portland is supposed to get maybe 12 days of 90 degree temps. We have already had 6. Enough already. I went into a quilt store on Wed. and walked out with nothing. Talk about control. I just kept thinking of all I already have to do. They had a whole separate Christmas store and I left it empty handed as well. What’s the world coming too. Hope you get a break from the heat. Anything over 80 is too hot for me. 🙂



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