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What is an old crone and why on earth would anyone search for one? According to Wikipedia this is the definition:

The crone is a stock character in folklore and fairy tale, an old woman. In some stories, she is disagreeable, malicious, or sinister in manner, often with magical or supernatural associations that can make her either helpful or obstructing. The Crone is also an archetypal figure, a Wise Woman. She is marginalized by her exclusion from the reproductive cycle, and her proximity to death places her in contact with occult wisdom. As a character type, the crone shares characteristics with the hag.

This woman taught me lessons in overcoming adversity.

This woman taught me lessons in overcoming adversity.

I personally like the Wise Woman definition since I have not quite reached hag status. As a young woman, I found that all my friends were my mother’s age. I had a few that were my age but by and large, I was drawn to the more mature woman in any room. I found so many held a wealth of knowledge and I wanted to learn everything they would share with me. Many of us that were not well mothered, including my own mother, have searched out other women in the world to fill in the gaps in our educations. My dear Aunt Lucille was the first of many crones in my life. I sucked in her wisdom like a bone dry sponge. These other two women came along much later.

This one taught me to have a sense of humor and not sell yourself out.

This one taught me to have a sense of humor and not sell yourself out.

It now appears I have reached that crone status. A young woman less than half my age asked me to join her for coffee. We spent two hours over our drinks chatting about many subjects. Most of those were of a more personal nature than I expected. At first I thought it would be a one-time experience but the request to repeat the coffee klatch was extended and I was honored. With the honor comes great responsibility. When you share what life has taught you, you must remember that no one else will experience life the way you have. There are no absolutes, just possibilities. I have been gifted with an ability to see life from various angles rather than black and white. Maybe that’s what makes me an old crone.

Do you know they even have a magazine for crones?

Also a website for women of wisdom. They are not always the same thing.

It looks as though I have come full circle. I still often search out older, wiser women. We old crones need to step up for the younger generation like they did for us. I’m only crotchety some of the time, I promise.

Do you have a crone in your life or are you one for someone?

From my heart to yours,
Marlene Herself

Comments on: "In Search of an Old Crone" (6)

  1. I love this post, and yes, I have been blessed with an old crone. Her name is Marie and I started working for her friendship in my late twenties. She is a spirit who glows from within and I’m so lucky she’s still in my life. She’s taught me a lot about life and about raising girls. I love her more than she knows.


  2. willowmarie said:

    I have one, many really. I wrote about her in my post: “Older Women” (Apr.22) http://willowmariewrites.com/2013/04/22/older-women/ – I remember you liked it.


  3. I feel I am reaching the crone stage in my own life, but I have always seen the crone in terms of the wisdom she possesses and as a valued member of her community. I find myself surrounded by younger people now, this evening I was invited to sit under the moon with a 22- year old neighbor and talked about so many things, just like your coffee date.


  4. That’s a funny word most women would shy away from but you’ve taken some of the sting out of it with your lovely tribute. I’ve been mentored and nurtured by a number of mature women over the years. At work, I had a co-worker I adored and lunched with. She had grown kids my age and actually fixed me up with her son (it didn’t go well, HA). Also, my best friends mom was really a mom for me since my home life was often chaotic. She was a youthful spirit though, worldly and a good listener. Very different than home. I craved calmness and that’s she knew it.


    • The real shocker comes when they start coming to you. Do I feel old! I guess it’s because I am. Thank goodness for those old women that helped us through. 🙂 Hugs.



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