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Labor Day falls on September 2 this year. The whole country gets a day off to rest or run; the choice is theirs. It was a labor day of a different kind 65 years ago in a tiny village in Germany. It’s still a tiny village, by the way. My mother labored a long time to give birth to a 13 pound girl (yes, you read that right) at home, with no anesthesia. She remembered nothing of that day and it took me awhile to understand why. Mom was a 2 pound baby, incubated in the oven at home and was never supposed to be able to have children. The four of us sure made a liar out of the doctor who told her that.

Main street. You can see beginning to end.

Main street. You can see beginning to end.

No motel or grocery, just a bar and convenience market. They sure are a friendly bunch though.

No motel or grocery, just a bar and convenience market. They sure are a friendly bunch though.

Why celebrate turning 65? That’s just getting old. Well after my birthday, I get Medicare. I have had no health coverage since my divorce a couple of years ago. Not that I need it, but it’s like car insurance, nice to have just in case. The other reason I celebrate is that I’m still here among the living and loving. My first husband only made it to 42. I’m grateful for each and every minute of pain and pleasure. I plan to celebrate big time…for me.

My daughter is taking me to my favorite German restaurant, Gustav’s, where after months and months of a very strict diet, I’m going to indulge in a good German beer, pretzel and cheese fondue, followed with a dinner I will probably end up taking home and topped off with their famous apple strudel. That’s MY idea of celebrating.

Is your mouth watering?

Is your mouth watering?

I have other reasons to celebrate. I’ve exceeded my weight loss goal by more than enough to indulge one day. It’s not easy by any means but I’m feeling sooo much better everyday as well. I think the Bells Palsy is improving as I’m needing the cane less and less for balance.

Another reason to celebrate is that this is my 100th post. I mainly post once a week unless fatigue overtakes me. Life is pretty simple for me and I want to keep my posts remotely interesting. As healing progresses, so will the variety of my writing. I’m still two months shy of my two-year blogiversary. Every time I get a bit discouraged, someone comes for a visit to my site and leaves an encouraging comment. Thank you all for reading and adding so much to my life. Each of you are treasures.

How and what are you celebrating this fine day of no labor?

If all the cars in the United States were placed end to end, it would probably be Labor Day Weekend.~ Doug Larson

From my heart to yours,
Marlene Herself.

Comments on: "In Search of Reasons to Celebrate" (13)

  1. Happy, happy birthday to you, Marlene! I hope it is a real Oktoberfest…by the way which spot is your favorite German restaurant? Best wishes my friend!


  2. Marlene — Happy Birthday! And yes, 65 is a wonderful age to achieve. I was 62 this summer and celebrated the same way — with a good dinner at a seafood restaurant, friends, family, and even a little bit of chocolate cake. I love the pictures of Germany. I traveled to Germany for work once and stayed in a small town that looked much like your pictures. I also found the people warm and welcoming. Have a wonderful day and thanks for sharing!


  3. Happy Birthday Marlene! Just think of alllll the discounts too! Cheaper movies, bus tickets, theatre tickets, tickets at the pool ! I always think the senior menu serves meals just right for me and often ask if I can order those. The town you were born is looks so enchanting, just like you! Congratulations on reaching and surpassing your weight loss goals, that’s amazing and GREAT! What a super duper way to start another fine year! You go girl!!! Hugs x million K


    • Thank you so much. I think I’ve been a senior for awhile and had social security since 62 since I can no longer work and have enjoyed many of the discounts. The health insurance is big though. I didn’t want my kids getting stuck with a catastropic illness bill and doing everything I can to prevent it. The weight loss has been so slow but I see a light at the end of a very dark tunnel. I know now that I will make it out the other side.


  4. Marlene, you have many things to celebrate. I’m really impressed. Congratulations on the weight loss. I’ve been on and off that journey many times since turning fifty and I know it’s not easy. Slow and steady wins the race, however, and you are proof of that. I know you’ll really enjoy your German dinner, either in one sitting or as leftovers and yes, that strudel looks amazing.

    Happy birthday! 65 does feel like a milestone and certainly one to celebrate. I’m happy to hear your daughter is nearby and can celebrate with you in style.

    Well done on maintaining a weekly blog for nearly two years. Many start and give up, but you’ve persevered.

    Happy 100
    Happy 65
    Happy pounds gone!!!
    …and happy almost 2-year blogiversary.


  5. Happy birthday, Marlene! 🙂


  6. Happy Birthday Marlene. Perhaps you may have noticed already that some things are getting easier now. There is just less stress in your life and you worry less. So you can relax a little more and take life as it comes. Wow, now that’s a change!


    • Thanks Eddie, for the birthday greetings. Yes, things ARE much easier now and I worry not at all. Such a waste of effort to worry. Worked hard to minimize stress since that’s useless also. I loved the artwork on your Sept. 5th post. Looking forward to reading more. I’ll comment as I read.


  7. thanks for follow me!!



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