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We don’t get trick or treaters here at the apartment complex. There are mostly elderly and college kids living here. An odd mix I’d say but the few children that live here go to churches or parks that have arranged entertainment for them. It’s a different world than when my kids were little. The mothers in our neighborhood walked together with the kids for safety and we knew our neighbors. I do imagine that is still true in many places.

My daughter made a great witch. Almost no movement until the kids got real close.

My daughter made a great witch. Almost no movement until the kids got real close.

Last year I decorated, hoping that a few stray children would find their way here. Now I know better. This year I put up the few decorations I have and had all but written Halloween off as a lost cause. It can happen as you age. Bummer.

web shooting squirt gun got the porch ready for Halloween

web shooting squirt gun got the porch ready for Halloween

Then comes the announcement in my writing groups. Our leader is a sugar junky too and looks for reasons to get us connected and having some fun while struggling to bring stories to paper. We are having a Halloween party in both creative writing and memoir classes so I have to bring some kind of treat both days. I’m off sugar again so it will be something relatively healthy. I’m not a kid anymore and the treats stay around way too long…on my hips. It will give a new twist to a day that has brought some tough times. I wrote about some of it in last year’s post. This week, I wrote about my most memorable Halloween for my memoir class. There weren’t many to choose from. I may post it as creative non-fiction after giving it some careful thought.

They are writers, really! Great imaginations.

They are writers, really! Great imaginations.

October 31 is also my two-year blogging anniversary. The reason for blogging was to connect with someone who could give me insight into why I still had Bells and how to get rid of it. Well, the Bells Palsy is still here but my reason for blogging has little to do with it. I am still on the search for the best way to move through life with as much fun and joy as possible in spite of the small hitch called Bells. I have learned so much from each person who reads my blog and those that I follow. I’m trying to read more because you are all so varied and wise in different ways. So this Halloween is the start of happy and different Halloweens. I’ve included pictures of my creative writing class party as we read, write and eat. What fun it was. Also a few of the Halloween at my son’s house two years ago. He has a great neighborhood for trick or treating.

They take their holiday seriously like their writing

They take their holiday seriously like their writing

I wish you all a very happy Halloween and a lack of extra girth to your mid-sections. Have your Halloween’s changed over the years?

We have a couple in their 90's all the way to the 30's An eclectic group

We have a couple in their 90’s all the way to the 30’s
An eclectic group

From my heart to yours
Marlene Herself

Comments on: "In Search of a Happy Halloween" (14)

  1. I remember reading that Halloween post, Marlene. I just went back and re-read it.

    Losses coinciding with holidays or memorable events are the worst. They’re always there to remind you of the loss, but because everyone expects us to behave in a certain way (cheerful, happy, enthused) they can feel hollow.

    It sounds like you’ve come a long way since writing your blog two years ago. You’re in a writing group, exploring the social aspects of your peers, and still writing this blog. I say hurray for you.

    We embrace Halloween to its fullest. I’ve loved dressing up my whole life (and even pursued fashion merchandising and later theater costuming) in school. We grow pumpkins (for the past decade) and my husband enjoys carving them.

    We live on a short block full of kids, and I’m pretty sure someone ‘buses’ more in, as we give away 150 little treats each year. I’ve also lived alone in apartments and never saw a soul, and frankly as a single woman wouldn’t have opened my door anyway. I guess I’ve experienced both sides of it.

    I am very sorry for your profound loss. For me, some days of the year are just days I need to somehow get through, rather than trying to make them something else.

    Tender hugs flying your way. xox


    • Thanks so much Alys. My life hasn’t been textbook in any way, shape or form. October has some tough moments for me but I’m very pragmatic and just keep the experience as a contrast to how good all the other days can be. Halloween isn’t something I’ve had much experience with but it was fun during some of my kids growing up years. You do such a bang up job with Halloween and it’s fun to see from this perspective. Thanks for the hugs and right back at you. Have a great Halloween.


      • We did, thank you. I hope yours was passable and now it’s November and we can be happy for that. No “emotionally loaded’ days as I’ve come to think of them. It’s actually cooled down for us here. Only 64 today with lows in the 40s. Still no rain in site. Gosh I would love a good downpour.


      • Yay for the cool. We had a wonderful rainstorm today. Maybe it will bring some moisture your way. Yes, November has no ‘loaded” days. October has a couple and July 4th but that’s all better now. The rest of the year is a piece of cake. I handle the loaded days well enough but really like it when they are over. I’m wishing the rain your way. I know we needed it too. Hugs,M


      • Ahhhhh…a rainstorm. I’m dripping with envy. (hee)

        They’re teasing us with a chance of rain by Wednesday. Stay tuned.

        I’m with you. It’s better when the loaded days are over.

        Thanks for your rainy wishes. I’ll take them and add them to mine. We can start a ‘rain letter’ and hope its more effective than a chain letter.


  2. Marlene, we live in a similar type of apartment building, a pretty even mix of college students and older folks with a few young professionals and one family just to mix things up, yet it works for us as I’m sure it works for you.

    I never thought about the future of how I would celebrate holidays once my children were grown, it does change some for the better some not so nice.

    I think you found the perfect way to move forward, your writing group sounds like a fun mix of people as well as a way to work on your writing. And now you can make new traditions that are just for you.


    • Thanks Lois. I’m enjoying the day. Have another party in today’s class as well. Hard to resist the goodies though I do. Always looking for better ways to define a day.


  3. I started to read your post late last night (2:00 am due to late Starbucks) but wanted to come back so I could make sense LOL.

    I wish I had a ‘web shooting gun’ that sounds like a major riot. I’d have it on everything. LOL Congratulations on 2 years at WordPress and for participating in a class to hone your craft. It looks like a fun group and as you point out, ‘no age is the right age to start’. That’s what I like about this, if you already have a computer and a bit of an imagination, it’s so much fun to meet and chat with folks from all over the world. It’s like Cyber Pen Pals but so much more creative.

    I’ve bought 4 regular sized treats incase someone comes to the door, but it’s not likely. We’re in a gated condo community and we haven’t had anyone in the past two years 😦 Jim will probably have to eat them, which he’s not too sad about 😀
    Have a wonderful day my dear, hugs K


    • Thanks K. Have another party at Memoir class and will see who dresses up for it. I have never done the costume thing since rarely doing Halloween. I could go as gypsy if I come up with the makings because that’s the theme of my life. 🙂 Isn’t it fun to have too much to do. I have no idea of the definition of the word “BORED”. Can’t even imagine it. You have a good quiet night. Hugs. M


    • Thanks for reading K. It was a quiet night here. I was asleep by 9 but up at 4. Crazy! The web shooter was fun since my kids have never grown up completely. 🙂
      I decorated at home but thinking next year will have to bring something new again. Maybe a party of sorts.


  4. Thanks for sharing, Marlene. I especially appreciate the open way you have with words.

    Holidays do take on such a different perspecitive as we age. Since our grandkids don’t live nearby, I consider not decorating at times. Then I remind myself how much I enjoy it! Sometimes, its all in the perspective of why we do things!

    May this be the beginning of many Happy Halloween memories…

    ps my Dad passed away over the Memorial Day Holiday … we now spend it remembering him, and all of his quirks…mostly it is a very happy time.


    • Thanks for reading Missy. I can only write that way. I’m not the flower and prose kind of writer. I have lots of friends who are good at that and enjoy reading it. I’m a “gimmy the facts ma’am” kind of writer. Not a flower in the bunch. 🙂 Oct as a whole has been one to get through for so many reasons.


  5. willowmarie said:

    There’s something about play that brings us closer. Maybe it’s because we create magic then.



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