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It came and it went. I missed the essence of it. We had our snacks for dinner and I was in bed at 10 p.m. My daughter went home at 9 and my son said he stayed up till 1 a.m. because there was too much noise outside. I heard NOTHING! I didn’t even have a drink. What a way to bring in the fantastic year I’m expecting.

I had a great holiday with lots of company, good food and better than average weather. No complaints here. But by the time everyone got to their planes on January 4, I was bone weary tired. I worried all that day that my sister-in-law would make her connecting flight in Chicago, (she did) and my son would have no delays (he didn’t). So while we tried to keep track of flights, my daughter helped me take down the tree and get it boxed up for next year.

I spent the rest of this week taking down decorations, carrying them down to the garage, moving back into my room, laundry and getting the fridge cleaned out. I found the missing bottle of ketchup. All while fighting off something that could by all appearances have been a…cold? I don’t get colds or flu. Not in the last half-dozen years have I had anything other than Bells Palsy and its residual odd effects. I eat lots of pickled garlic, for goodness sake. Nothing can get me eating that stuff. Not even vampires.

Maybe it came from too much of the dry heat from the electric heater but I got rid of it with a little (and maybe a little more) Brandy and a PM pain reliever. A good night’s sleep preceded by a hot shower did wonders. Whatever was causing the sneezing, etc., has subsided. I gave myself permission to do nothing; like there was a choice in the matter. There is order in my apartment once more and now I’m ready to celebrate the New Year. Anyone want to party with me? I’ll be at the sewing machine or the laptop.

Isn't this how you spend New Year's Eve?  One is hunting for jobs, one is doing tutorials, and one is posting her blog.

Isn’t this how you spend New Year’s Eve? One is hunting for jobs, one is doing tutorials, and one is posting her blog.

Maybe now I can read your blogs without having my eye water till the words float away.

Does the New Year feel new to you or are you still trying to catch up with leftovers from the last year?

All of us every single year, we’re a different person. I don’t think we’re the same person all our lives. Steven Spielberg

From my heart to yours,
Marlene Herself

Comments on: "In Search of Another Shot at the New Year" (12)

  1. I’m glad you are resting now. As for me, eh, the new year has been just another year to come. Actually, I’m confident this year will be much better than last. My allergies have been giving me grief lately, maybe I should use your brandy cure. haha!


    • I don’t think I’ve ever been this tired at the New Year. Felt like I’d been run over by a truck. I couldn’t even think clear enough to write. Brandy is small doses will cure what ails you. I’m pretty stingy with it but pull out the big guns when absolutely necessary. I don’t know if it works with allergies but we had some major winds. lately.


  2. I love the Holidays, but January is always such a relief after the busyness. It’s time to re-group and breathe. You are missed at class. Is it ok if I share your blog address with the other writers?


    • Thanks Missy. I welcome all readers as long as I keep writing it. Giving everything second thoughts these days. Holidays wore me out so need rest and reflection time. May get back the next session.


  3. The new year feels no different than the last. I treat it more like another day than anything special. Glad you had a lovely time with family and hope you are feeling better.


    • Thanks Lois. I’m starting to have the brain engage again. Last year was so hard, I really wanted someway to differentiate it from this one. I’ll be catching up with things soon, hopefully. Hope you are keeping warm and well.


      • I’m just plodding along as usual. 🙂 But yes, I am staying warm, we’ve had a break from the bitter cold allowing me to get outside for some fresh air which was fantastic for my mood.


  4. You’re way more organized than me Marlene. I’m still basking in the glow of my Christmas tree, LOL It’s now like an extra lamp in the room. I got everything else cleaned away though.

    Sounds like your Holidays were action packed. We went away so it was easy breezy. I enjoy the holidays, hoopla and special meals with loved ones but I really love my routine too. It got so I was so confused about what day it was because Mr B went to work somedays, home somedays, 1/2 days somedays. It’s confusing. I kept thinking it was a Monday.

    Glad to hear you can have same ‘Marlene’ time and do whatever you want to do. Company is fun but routine is comfortable 😀 Happy New Year Marlene!


    • Thanks so much. It was even easier last year. Not sure why this year took so much out of me. Finally becoming human again. I left my tree up till the end of March one year. If I had the room here, It would never come down. Love Christmas. But like you, I thrive on a semblance of routine. Enjoy your (lamp). 🙂


  5. 😀 I must put away our (lamp) before holidays. These two knuckleheads can not be trusted to their own devices for too long….I always have one eye open or on them to see what’s happening next….ha. BTW, I got a new lamp for Christmas. It’s shaped like a Gnome 😀 he’s A-dorable. Have to figure out how to work him into a post 😀 Ta-ta xoK


  6. All that stress is bound to weigh on you. I’m glad everyone made their connecting flights and that you are getting back to your routine.

    Sorry you were under the weather, but relieved to hear that it was short-lived. I love routine and find that I’m at my best when I have it. xox



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