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It’s really here! The snow is gone but not the cold. We’ve had some lovely sunny days that had me out walking the area once it warmed a bit. Of course, walking warms everything but the nose and ears. I did four miles last Saturday looking for a mobile home community. I found it but it was filled with homes that had long since passed their expiration date and there was no yard space to make a nice garden. The more I look around at what I can afford, the better my rented apartment looks.

As the spring buds start to pop, I seem to finally be doing the same. Winter is so hard on those of us who are solar powered. Oregon is probably not the best place for me but I thought I could afford to live here. I may have to rethink that idea.

Seeing these made the 4 miles worth the walk.

Seeing these made the 4 miles worth the walk.

This bush is thinking about spring but not ready to commit.

This bush is thinking about spring but not ready to commit.

In the meantime, I’ve been inspired by the wonderful Boomdeeadda to make better use of what I have available.

These things will stay somehow. The rest will stay boxed for now.

These things will stay somehow. The rest will stay boxed for now.

These are in with the regular dishes for now. I can't put them all away!

These are in with the regular dishes for now. I can’t put them all away!

I have scrapbooking papers in my garage that I have not been able to get to in the last four years and four moves. Seeing the beautiful stuff she creates, I wanted to get my toys out to play with again. So the beautiful teacups were packed away for another time. I have been rummaging in the garage and organizing as I go. Much of what was in this old china cabinet will one day be passed on to my daughter or son. Maybe we can even make use of it once I find a real dining table. In the meantime, the cabinet will hold my crafting supplies as well as some sewing supplies as they tend to cross over their uses. In bringing out things from the garage, a great deal has made its way to the thrift store. Two trips so far this week and I still have a trip to the antique store to sell off some things I no longer have space to use.

Finally finished and up. Is it warm yet??

Finally finished and up. Is it warm yet??

I’ve done a bit of sewing to get a new spring sign made since I gave my sister-in-law the last one. This one is larger than I wanted but my attention to detail seems adrift these days. I used some different colors and fabric and put a binding on for a change. I have three more charity quilts to finish this month so there is no shortage of projects but the projects that make you clean and organize are the most productive and fulfilling. I’ll take a photo when the change is complete. My poor daughter is aware that her Sunday will be taken up helping me carry boxes up and down stairs. I bribe her with dinner out somewhere. We’ll both be too tired to cook.

I took a two mile walk this week in the mall since it was going to rain again, arriving early enough to catch something I’ve never seen before. Moms getting ready for spring too. I was walking too quickly to get a photo of moms gathered doing standing exercises by a little used entry with their little ones close by. The next trip around the mall brought enough awareness to capture this of the moms in front of Macy’s before the store opened. Later you could see them in a brisk walk with strollers and youngsters working to keep up.

I was floored! In front of Macy's no less

I was floored! In front of Macy’s no less

What a lovely, inexpensive way for young moms to get together and keep their children out of day care. I imagine there was a treat somewhere for the little ones after because they were exceptionally well behaved. They probably went home as tired as mom. I saw a few in their yoga pants passing through the book store as I sat sipping ice tea, perusing magazines and collecting yet another book. Yes, I’m embarrassed.

They were oblivious to the mall walkers. All that work before 10 a.m.

They were oblivious to the mall walkers. All that work before 10 a.m.

I know my friend at Gardening Nirvana has her spring projects all lined up. How about you? Is the hint of spring for those of you who are still suffering with the wild winter, bringing out a desire to start something to bring new bloom to your life?

From my heart to yours,
Marlene Herself

Comments on: "In Search of my Spring Project" (14)

  1. Good morning, Marlene. What a happy post. You touched on so many things I love, too: crafting, sewing, organizing, spring, dinner out, teacups and adorable babies in strollers.

    Thanks for the ping-back, too. What a nice surprise.

    I’m sorry to hear the mobile homes were tired and unlivable. How disappointing. I know Boomdee feels the same way after looking for so long. Many new places come on the market in the spring. I hope one of them is yours.

    I love that you’re turning that cabinet into a place for crafts and sewing. That’s a great idea! Your embroidery is beautiful. I’m going to go back and click on it so I can see the photo enlarged.

    Enjoy your weekend. Please be careful on those stairs. xox


    • Thanks Alys, You would have laughed at the antics of 2 out of shape women trying to get HUGE boxes up the stairs. One man came out of his apartment to offer help as we were 3 steps from the top with the last box. I’m sure we were an entertaining sight. Now all must be sorted through and either repacked in something more accessible or a home found for. I think we got our exercise yesterday. My daughter has Fibromyalgia so everything makes her hurt, even chair yoga but she was a trouper. At least she has balance. I can lift and carry, just not walk a straight line. 🙂


      • I just composed an entire response and it disappeared. That happens here from time to time.

        I was saying something like this: Congratulations to the two of you for getting what I’m sure was an exhausting endeavor completed. Funny that your neighbor popped out just as you were finishing. Now that you know he’s a willing participant, perhaps you can call on him for assistance in the future.

        I’m sorry to hear about your daughter’s Fibro. I know that is quite debilitating when it flares up.

        I imagine you’ll enjoy searching the boxes. As you sort and edit, you’ll probably find things you’ve missed,and things you wonder about.

        Perhaps you can find a local flea market to sell things you no longer want to make a bit of extra cash for sewing materials. Just a thought.


      • Thanks Alys. I’ve had entire texts disappear as well. So frustrating. The man that offered didn’t live there. He was a visitor but very kind. I have been boxing up and donating to the salvation army. I probably never need another piece of fabric in this lifetime. Wonder if I can stash it somewhere till I come back for another run at it.:) Wouldn’t that be a kick. It is like Christmas in March though. Still trying to find all my paint. I have lots I can make and sell when I find a venue. The family photos were the greatest find.. Sat with them for hours. More to go. I see the floor again though. Progress.


      • You have a charitable heart and I love that about you.

        Still no paint, eh? Did you bring up all the boxes or do you still have more in the garage? Funny how you often lay hands on everything *except* that one thing you’re looking for.

        Meanwhile, enjoy your Christmas in March, as long as the weather doesn’t think it’s Christmas too.


      • PS I had to read your fabric comment twice before it clicked. You’re too funny.


      • 🙂 Gotta have fun where I can.


  2. Sounds like you’ve been pretty productive Marlene! Good for you. Good long walks are nice, but not sure I could do 4 miles! I will have to work up to that lazy butt that I am. haha! Have a wonderful weekend my friend!


    • Thanks Jackie. 4 miles was a lot. My feet were mad at me for days. I just have a hard time driving and thought walking would work better. Lesson learned. 🙂


  3. Look at you ! Getting all organized. I’m embarrassed to admit, I JUST took down my Christmas tree yesterday, LOL. No doubt that sets some kind of record. I’ve just been walking around it in the Boom-Room since we
    returned from Maui :/ Now I’ve got a lot more room to finish projects. I was prompted by the fact that I tried to tip-e-toe thru a disaster on the floor (not enough space on my desk), and broke my burnishing tool with my giant ‘not so delicate’ foot. Dang, duck table does not fit into my vintage ladened work space…LOL

    Thank you so much for linking me to your post today and your super message too Marlene, you ARE a doll. I think that’s a great repurposing project and your pretty teacups won’t mind one bit. You’re absolutely right to keep out a few, I always thing their a necessity for a proper cup of tea. Does it even taste better or is it just me?

    I’ve only been to the mall early enough once to see the walkers do their thing. I remember thinking what a good idea it was. Especially here where the winter is much too cold and the sidewalks icy and treacherous at the best of times. Good for you M! That’s another thing on my list, START to exercise. I’m such a slouch. My girlfriend and I used to go swimming once a week but then we’d go for coffee and a muffin, HA!

    I also enlarged your beautiful Spring sign. It amazes me what that machine of yours embroiders. You’ve done such a good job, very pretty. I’d be monogramming EVERYTHING. Pillows, towels, aprons, PJ’s. The hummingbird is the perfect motif and colours for the fabrics. How do you choose? Is it predetermined in the pattern. How do all those threads work at once? I MUST see it in action….maybe a video once you get cooking along? Love your devoted and demanding #1 fan. xoK


    • Thanks for reading and for being so sweet. I ran a close second to you on the Christmas tree thing. Left one up till late March hoping to have it up for our snowbird friends who came back to the mountain in June. Wanted to do a second Christmas with them. It got ridiculous and when we had enough snow melt that I could put decorations in the shed, I took it down. As for the embroidery, it’s one color at a time. I have to keep rethreading the machine. It comes with color suggestions, I just play with them. I thought about one of those professional machines but can’t justify the expense for a hobby. I have a LOT of thread. a video would be boring. It takes too long and I don’t know how to post a video but I’m trying to learn.

      I walk the mall most of the winter. Then I go to the bookstore. That’s where I get in trouble. Finally found the only copy they got of Daphne’s Diary. I’ve been asking for it for the last month. They didn’t even have it in their computer anymore. It was just there to reward me for all my hard work. It’s the muffins that make me have to walk.:)


  4. It has certainly has been lovely for walking, and oh, the fragrances floating in the air..divine!


  5. Hi Marlene,
    Just popping in for a quick hello. I haven’t seen you post for awhile. I hope all is well and that you are busy and enjoying life. xox Alys



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