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I’ve been blogging for over two years now with a post only once a week at the most. Every once in a while, I think I’ve run out of things to write about. Then something special pops up. I’m an older woman, with limited ability to drive making my world smaller and smaller. That happens a lot to older people. So here is where my world becomes LARGE!

A sweet handmade card from Gardening Nirvana. Reminds me of butterfly wings.

A sweet handmade card from Gardening Nirvana. Reminds me of butterfly wings.

The blogging community has enlarged it in a way that I cannot even begin to express. How does one say thank you for the kindness and caring of those never physically met? Are there words LARGE enough to encompass a heart so full of gratitude?

Over the course of many months I have received many cards via snail mail from Alys at Gardening Nirvana that were so beautiful and hand crafted that they can’t be put out of sight. They remind me daily that I am not alone. Her work is detailed and thoughtful. She is always there with encouraging words and ideas. There are others who cheer me on while they continue with their own personal struggles.

There is so much heart in this card it's impossible to imagine.

There is so much heart in this card it’s impossible to imagine.

Handmade heart came in handmade envelope. I'm in love with the paper.

Handmade heart came in handmade envelope. I’m in love with the paper.

Little hearts punched out of matching paper sprinkled inside. I'm such a lucky girl.

Little hearts punched out of matching paper sprinkled inside. I’m such a lucky girl.

Today, I walked to the grocery for a few things for my quiet dinner. I stopped at my mailbox as I passed by with my groceries. Inside was that sweet slip of paper that said “you have a package.” Hmmm, I hadn’t ordered anything. Fortunately the complex office was still open so I could retrieve it. I don’t remember the stairs I walked up to my apartment as I carried that wonderful box.

I'm sure the mailman had a delightful day delivering this. Covered the addresses.

I’m sure the mailman had a delightful day delivering this. Covered the addresses.

I have taken photos of my gift from every angle. How does one say “Thank You” to someone for such exorbitant generosity? Especially someone you met through a Blog. I have always been a woman who loved words, but right now I’m without sufficient words to express my gratitude for a gift that is generous beyond measure. If you could package and sell this variety of human kindness and generosity, the world would be a much richer place.

This is just the lid!! It's so intricate. and full of detail.

This is just the lid!! It’s so intricate. and full of detail.

I have received Boomdeeadda in a can. It made me smile all the way through. I am now so inspired to start my paper crafting again that it’s hard to not pull it all out and begin. Alas, it must wait a few more weeks as I repackage it carefully for a three-mile move to my final home. Let’s hope address number 35 is the last one and that it actually comes to pass. I’m looking at this bucket with longing. My fingers are itching and my heart is full. I am ever so grateful for her thoughtfulness and for the entire blogging community that has made these difficult years incredibly manageable.

I thought I was going to have a party when I first removed the paper

I thought I was going to have a party when I first removed the paper

Fun in a bucket. Too much to describe!

Fun in a bucket. Too much to describe!

Snail mail still has great appeal

Snail mail still has great appeal

The aqua tissue seems hand decorated as well

The aqua tissue seems hand decorated as well

Have you found unique ways to express your gratitude? Are words enough?

At times our own light goes out and is rekindled by a spark from another person. Each of us has cause to think with deep gratitude of those who have lighted the flame within us.
~Albert Schweitzer

From my heart to yours,
Marlene Herself

Comments on: "In Search of an Expression of Gratitude" (18)

  1. So lovely! And you described it so well, I was exited to see what it was every step of the way!


  2. Marlene – how lovely! Those girls come as a pair you know! I recognised their lovely work right away. I am so happy you are feeling so up-lifted and inspired, our blogging fraternity does that for us huh? Enjoy, enjoy!

    When will you know definitely about your move? It must be quite an anxious time for you if you have not yet had confirmation. I shall picture you there in that lovely wee spot with the forest out the back and you, sitting on your deck in the sun with your garden flourishing alongside.


  3. Marlene, what a treat to read this post. I think you’ve managed beautifully, as I for one feel happy and appreciated and full of smiles after reading this.

    That Boomdee! She never ceases to amaze me with her clever ways. I love the clear paint ‘bucket’ and tried hard to peer inside to see it all. You’ll have a lovely paper craft to look forward to soon.

    Meanwhile, I’m giving that bank of yours a virtual ‘get to it’ and like Pauline, I’ve already mentally moved you in.


    • Thank you so much for the good thoughts. I didn’t want to give too much a peak to Boomdee’s style. It’s all her’s. My daughter was beside herself with awe. I’ve never had anyone other than my 2 children do anything that nice for me, ever! It’s called being thunderstruck. I literally cannot wrap words around it. Your cards are still on my shelves and are going in the car with me to my new home. You hope for kindness from those you’ve cared for, but to find greater kindness from those not yet met, astounding…….


      • Marlene, I can relate to your feelings of being thunderstruck. That’s a beautiful gift from a lovely person, delivered to someone equally lovely: you.

        I will wait to see if Boomdee blogs about it. Her creations are always filled with loving detail.

        Thank you for saving and displaying the cards I sent. That makes me feel super special, too.

        You deserve all the kindnesses you receive. I hope your future is full of more of them. xox


      • Thank you Alys. One of my neighbors came by today and saw one of your cards on display and studied it quite intensely. There was a touch of envy. And you are super special. I’m looking forward to getting everything in its perfect home. We are getting down to the wire here. Inspection tomorrow evening. 🙂 Cross your fingers. Had last minute paperwork the bank wanted and all has been sent. In the meantime, it’s kitten rescue time, Oh, my.


      • xoxooxoxoxoxoxo to you dear one.

        Kitten???? Did I hear kitten????

        Big ‘ol smile on my face now.


  4. What a really lovely surprise for you. Sometimes, it is just the small details and thoughtful gestures that make the most impact. I always appreciate your smile and rosy outlook.


    • Thank you Missy. I have never received a gift like that from anyone. I was just stunned. All the way from Canada. I’m going to have to make her proud by producing something nice. It will have to wait though. Have a wonderful week and thanks for reading. M


  5. GROUP HUG !!!!!!

    Yay!! The snail mail has FINALLY arrived. LOL, honestly that was just the most dreadful turn-a-round on a project ever. Half the fun was finding a box to mail it in. I didn’t think about that when I started your project 😀 I scooped that one when I went for some wine. Wish would could share a glass (or two) together Marlene.

    I’m so glad it made you happy. I had the best time making the bits of this and that on my Cricut. Our one-and-only Alys spoiled me with it on our last visit. I think Pauline was right, it’s like a fraternity. For a complete change of pace, we fight evil with goodness……Take that blogging world!! As you know, you’re as sweet as can be and I’m still crossing my fingers that one day well embrace for a big hug and then head to the book store together.
    Lots of Love, xoxoxox B,K


    • A trip to the bookstore?? I’m all in with that and a hug to boot.I’ve often wondered what can be made on one of those gadgets. It will be awhile till I find out. Have been busy the last couple days rescuing feral kittens. Going to try and get to the vet today. There are so MANY out there. 😦


      • awwwww ((((( Marlene )))) you have a tender heart. Poor little things. How many have you rescued? Will your vet help with a discount on the bill? Can I help with it? I can’t see animals stray or alone either. Yes there’s such a great need everywhere. Please let me know how it goes xoxoK


      • I got 3 out of 5. Tried twice to get another they are getting wise to me. A neighbor who wants a kitty is also trying to catch mom to get her fixed. I’m not alone in this crusade to save animals from being unloved. I’m not worried about the cost. It’s part of giving back and I always find a way to work it out. You have a huge heart.. Hugs and more hugs.


  6. Sounds like you’ll be a busy gal, good for you both to give them a chance. Making the world a better place one furry soul at a time xoxox



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