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My family and I have been working very hard since I got the keys to my new, old, manufactured home. I’m down to the last of the carpet that needs to come out so I can seal the floors but they must wait until the wood floors go down in other rooms so we have somewhere to push furniture. Life has been busy in other areas as well.

This week my daughter started working the first permanent job she’s had in 5 years. The temp service placed her there and after 6 months the company wanted her to stay and gave her a promotion. She has worked extremely hard for a very long time to find good work. I asked her if she thought the lower unemployment rate was valid. Her thought is there are so many that are no longer eligible for unemployment and have just given up looking for work. Many, like she had to do for a while, move in with family members and take whatever they can get to pay for groceries. They don’t get counted in the unemployment equation.

2 computers,3 monitors plus a laptop. Days go very quickly

2 computers,3 monitors plus a laptop. Days go very quickly

She has had other offers to make positions permanent but this is the one that she felt was right for her. She’s happy there and they are happy to have her there. So last Friday she sent a text and asked if I wanted to come downtown, meet her boss, work mates and have lunch. LUNCH! I’m in. She had already worked so many hours that week that she was able to get off work at 1:00 p.m.

So I took the MAX (Metropolitan Area Express or light rail) downtown and found her office. Her boss and workmates were wonderful. I saw why she was so happy. Lunch was terrific and then we had some fun.

We didn't even have to drive to the beach.

We didn’t even have to drive to the beach.

Now that looks like good fun.

Now that looks like good fun.

I had planned to rip out more nasty carpet but celebrating with my daughter was worth a day off for me. We did enjoy it. Seems downtown was having a Sand castles in the City event. It was a very hot day and the workers were misting water on the sand to keep it damp for sculpting. It was so much fun to watch the kids having fun playing in the sand.

Wish I could have stayed to the finish. There were so many nice sculptures

Wish I could have stayed to the finish. There were so many nice scultures

Then I was ready to catch the MAX back home and get back into work clothes. Before the night was over, one more room of carpet was out and the floor ready to paint. I even helped with my sister’s move. She will be staying here awhile as she looks for a place of her own in the area and some part time work. It’s been a busy week already. No more days off for me…till the next one.

How do you like to spend a day off and do you take them regularly?

From my heart to yours,
Marlene Herself

Comments on: "In Search of a Day Off" (17)

  1. The sand sculptures do look like fun! It’s good you had a day off my friend. And I’m glad your daughter found a good job with good people. 🙂


    • Thanks for reading Jackie. It was a nice reminder that we all need to play in the sand sometime. I get to do that in the garden. My daughter is over the moon with happiness for this job. When I heard the name of the company, every fiber of my being started to tingle. I think this company will take her places she never imagined and already is. She was reluctant at first but then got the same feel herself. All is well and happy. Hope you are healing. Thinking good thoughts for you. Hugs.


  2. Aren’t things looking up for you and your family! I am so glad you took a day off and how lovely that your daughter wanted to introduce you to her new workplace. That says a lot about your relationship! The sand sculptures look like fun too and the house is coming along [good things take time!] and you have your sister staying too. It’s wonderful, wonderful to have family around us isn’t it Marlene?

    In less than 5 weeks I shall be officially retired and every day will be day off for me then! I am so looking forward to it 🙂


    • Thank you Pauline. Yes, my daughter have a pretty good relationship. Everyone of her co-workers and her boss said congrats on the new house. This is the first job she wanted to bring me by. That says a lot for them too. There are always hiccups in home renovation. Especially when the money runs out.:) Molding turned out to be made of pressed paper and the flooring people didn’t want to put it back. It will be a lot of work. My son said he will take care of it when he comes back at Christmas. And so it goes. Watching people play is a reminder not to take life too seriously. It’s a journey and a fun ride. Hugs to you and ear scratches to Siddy and Orlando.


    • Wow, Pauline. I’m glad I’m following along. I didn’t know about the upcoming official retirement. Yeah, you.


  3. grevilleacorner said:

    I am retired and always very busy with home renovations, cooking and cleaning etc etc. So I do still need to take days off….or at least a little time out in the day…nothing nicer than just wandering slowly around the garden, from plant to plant and checking each one out…stroking the leaves, talking to them, chatting to the birds, admiring the flowers. You need time out to reenergise and raise the spirits 🙂


    • Thank you so much for reading. I’m “retired” too. Almost 66 and my last husband always said everyday was Saturday when you didn’t go to a job. I work as hard now as I did when I had one so yes, it’s still important to take down time. A friend called and asked if I was busy or had time to meet her for coffee. My reply was that I am busy but always have time for a friend. They will always be a priority. I moved here for the garden space. Being a Virgo, I thrive in the garden. Spent several hours out there while new flooring was being laid. It was overgrown and unloved for such a long time. Waiting as it tells me what it wants next besides air and the sunshine.


      • grevilleacorner said:

        It is a wonderful thing to slowly transform an unloved garden. Enjoy the journey 🙂


  4. It looks like things are coming along quite well. I’ve been enjoying seeing the progress you are making on your new home.


  5. I’m so happy your daughter found a full time job that she loves. What great, great news. It’s nice that you took some time off the visit and meet the crew.

    I’m intrigued with the floor-painting project. I knew you were pulling out carpet and laying hard wood or laminate. How does the floor painting fit into the plans?

    As for retirement, if you’re a doer than I think you’re always doing. And when I was home in the early years with my boys, I worked harder and longer hours than I ever did in an office.

    I think you’re striking a nice balance, Marlene. Remodeling, visiting with family and friends, and still reading and writing your blog. Kudos.


    • Thank you Alys. The floor painting is sealing it with an oil based paint to eliminate the pet odor from continuing to come through. In the whole house I think there were 3 square feet the previous owners dog did not pee on, a lot. The nicotine was on everything including in the carpet. I’m quite sensitive to that odor so once the sub floors are sealed and new down, the smell gets fresher. EVERTHING had to be scrubbed down. You would think I would notice but the realtor was always here when I got here and had it opened up. The man is a preacher on the side. Hmmm. Balance is the operative word in my life. BTW. I got a better look at the journal and saw the pictures you put in the cover. Now I know exactly what I will do with the journal. I’m blown away!


      • Ah..now I understand. Both pet urine and cigarette smoke are strong, potent smells. I really feel for you. It’s been a wonderful development over the years to see cigarette smoking banned in restaurants, work places, etc. but you can’t stop someone from smoking at home. Shame on that realtor though for trying to mask the smell. That sure feels dishonest to me.

        I hope you are taking lots and lots of pictures of your progress. I’m a happy fool for before and after pics.

        I’m glad you like the journal. I was tickled with those little windows on the front. xox


  6. Aren’t impromptu excursions just the best? What a wonderful time you all must have had. Wish I was there! Barbara


    • Yes Barbara, we did have a wonderful, spontaneous day. High calorie too. 🙂 I’ve waited many years for that kind of thing to happen so revel in it even more. Thanks for reading and glad to see you back. You’ve been away for a bit.


  7. La la la, it’s Saturday and cool in the house! I actually slept well until the knuckleheads woke me but it’s a great time to visit with you 😀

    I’ve read along and heard about your garden work. It’ll be happy for the attention I’m sure. I always like to have something to do while I’m outside. I’m not really good at just sitting, although, I can take my laptop out there because we have wi-fi. Are there flower beds to tend? We have a very small yard, it’s just right for this time of life.

    I see you are painting with oil based paint. Do you wear a mask? It was rather sneaky of the agent to take your attention off of that, but I suppose that’s his job (if he’s doing it right). I’ve actually read “how to show your home for sale” articles, that you could light scented candles and/or bake fresh cookies. I had a giant bowl of scented shells on our coffee table when we sold at the lake. I’m concerned that the previous owner didn’t even let the dog out for business or take it for walks, poor thing. Maybe it was sick? That whole smoking thing is so last century hey? We used to play cards with a couple of smokers at the lake. Their bathroom walls had yellow streaks from nicotine stains dripping in the steam of the shower. I think they can’t smell it at all because they live with it. Even their dog smelled like she just put out a cigarette. I forget that people still smoke because you can’t smoke indoors here or even at bus-stops. You mostly see them in alleys on a work break or on the sidewalks near restaurants. Most places frown upon smoking near the front door. I wouldn’t want my other guests having to walk through cigarette butts and clouds of smoke either.

    Sounds like your daughter scored big time on the job front! That’s such a blessing. It’s so nice to wake up and look forward to work, I know how she feels. Nice for you also, since you don’t have to worry about her in that regard. Everything is coming together so wonderfully for you Marlene, I’m really happy for it. I can hear the determination in your post, you’ve got the go go go mode on. Hurray for happiness! Happiness is the best Rx. Have a wonderful weekend. xoxox ta ta 4 now K


    • Thanks sweety for reading with your busy schedule. I did the cinnamon and candle scent thing when we were selling moms house and even our but not to cover anything. Mom’s house was only a year old and ours was well cared for and CLEAN. No smoke in mine and my puppy was such a good girl. She would have burst first before going in the house but she had me so well trained, it wasn’t necessary. 🙂 She also had a doggy door and a fenced yard. I have tons of work to do here but the projects keep me going. This unusual heat pattern has thrown a lot of us off our game here. I’m ready for just mildly hot. I can’t believe how many still smoke with the cost of those things. I stopped when I thought of what I could do with the money, not that I was ever much of a smoker. Not enough to get hooked. Now if that could be said for chocolate, well, you know that story. I’ll get more pictures posted soon. Carpet comes Monday and we washed windows outside today. My sister did the ladder part. I pulled out screens to wash. We are quite a cleaning team. Teaming up in the yard too, when the heat doesn’t drive us in. Happiness is an inside job. Good things come WHEN you are happy. My daughter finally got it. I’ve never seen her so happy with a job though. That delights me to no end. Hugs.M



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