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It’s Halloween again. I have to admit it has not been my favorite holiday but it’s growing on me thanks to the blogging community, especially the queen of Halloween herself at Gardening Nirvana. She made her own costume and it’s incredible as are her pumpkins and cards. Here is my daughter’s version of pumpkin carving. She had so much fun doing it.

My daughter had a pumpkin carving contest at work. Her's is spooky...ish

My daughter had a pumpkin carving contest at work. Her’s is spooky…ish

Halloween is my blogging anniversary. This is my third Halloween. I re-read my first blog and it was a sad thing indeed. I’ve learned one or two things since and hope to learn and grow even more with your help of course. Every time I thought I should give it up, one of you cheered me on.

They glow and make noise if you jiggle the battery box. Spooky?  eh. Not so much

They glow and make noise if you jiggle the battery box. Spooky? eh. Not so much

This year was going to be different. I decorated the outside of my new/old home. My daughter loves Halloween and really gets into it so we made a trek to the Halloween store and picked up many things to put in my yard. It was the first time ever to decorate outside. I got out all the cute things I had for inside the house but they were never put into place.

reaching from the grave. Is it at all spooky?

reaching from the grave. Is it at all spooky?

You know that phrase “make plans and watch God laugh”? Well the heavens opened up with a belly laugh. I’m not home for Halloween this year. I’ll be painting all day on my son’s halls and stairwell. Let me tell you, if I hand out candy after a day of painting, I’ll scare everyone, not just the kids.

We hung orange lights so  the skeleton wasn't scared at night. It's spooky out there in the dark.

We hung orange lights so the skeleton wasn’t scared at night. It’s spooky out there in the dark.

Bedrooms and molding also have to be painted hopefully before the appraiser comes by. I’ve packed a few more boxes and held up lighted mirrors as he screwed them to the wall. I let in the contractors that put in the new counter top and sinks in the master bath taking photos so he could see the process while at work. Someone will have a beautiful master bath that has not been used yet. We are expecting hoping for a flawless escrow and to be out of here by Dec 1.

Those chains on that little fence won't scare me. How about you?

Those chains on that little fence won’t scare me. How about you?

My son will be at work till late on Halloween. (Not bad for a guy that was just laid off from a job) He’s doing freelance to keep paying the bills and so far it’s working. That’s spooky if you ask me. Having a huge mortgage and no job. Somehow, everything just keeps working out. He’s in escrow without a realtor. Yes, that’s scary too.

Here is something that really spooks me. Especially when I don't see them ahead of time. Creepy crawlies.

Here is something that really spooks me. Especially when I don’t see them ahead of time. Creepy crawlies.

My daughter and sister will be at my house handing out candy to the kids that brave the rain. I’ll be sitting out front with the rest of the neighbors here in the warm dry weather. There has been no significant rain here in the last year. That’s scary but not spooky. My daughter made her costume this year herself. The hat she wears all the time to start conversations was the starting point. You can barely see the earrings hanging from the horns. I’m tickled with the whole look of it.

She's quite proud of the final look. Me too. Can you tell she's part Swedish?

She’s quite proud of the final look. Me too. Can you tell she’s part Swedish?

She even decorated the backpack she uses every day on the train.

She even decorated the backpack she uses every day on the train.

I would never have thought of all this.

I would never have thought of all this.

Not much really spooks me anymore. How about you? What spooks you?

Happy Spooky Halloween.

From my heart to yours,
Marlene Herself

Comments on: "In Search of Something Spooky" (20)

  1. Marlene, it looks like you (at least your home) really got in the spirit of Halloween this year. I love your daughter’s viking look! Enjoy the warm, dry weather…ours is quite damp!


    • Weather here has taken a cloudy cold turn. We can only pray for rain. At least it’s not 90 degrees anymore. My daughter obviously loves Halloween. Now I have my own place to decorate. We’ll do it bigger next year when I have more time. I’m getting caught up on my reading almost. Yours comes to my Google acct and I don’t get there all that often.


  2. PS I love the new look of your blog. Great change up!


    • Thanks Missy. I appreciate your reading it. I kept looking for a theme that had larger print. Odd criteria I know, But it’s hard for me to read my own to check for errors. Once my son is in Portland, he has already been warned that he will have to teach me how to make a perfect theme and look. I have a lot of technique to learn on top of the writing part. I understand you are not taking the class this time either.?


      • No, I’m not in the writing class. Lonny and I are moving to Bend in about a month. So many changes have happened since his Dad passed away a few months ago. Our whole family will be together, as well. We are really looking forward to this!


  3. I think the pumpkin looks cheerfully scary – an amazing feat when you think about it! Also your daughter’s costume looks pretty impressive, she did a good job! I am like you, I knew nothing at all about how Americans celebrate Halloween until I met the amazing Alys – now I show people her blog posts and let them marvel 🙂

    It sounds as if everything is working out quite nicely for your son – keep the faith 🙂


    • Thanks for reading Pauline. Yes, I have great faith that the Universe wants him closer to us. Because I moved so much all my life, I’ve had very little experience with this holiday. My kids would go trick or treating but I just didn’t give Halloween another thought. Alys has taught me a few new tricks. My daughter made the costume all by herself and I was so proud. Have been trying to teach her to sew for a while. Looks like she’s learned a bit. Next year will be even more interesting. Hugs to you and your furry family.

      Liked by 1 person

    • ((((Pauline)))) You are so good to me.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Lovely photos! You look like you had fun decorating for Halloween! Hope you had lots of cute trick o’treaters stop by. We only had one this year b/c of the rain. ♥


  5. It all looks great Marlene. Too bad you weren’t there to enjoy it. lol
    Next year will be different. Hope you stay happy and safe. ❤


  6. Loved your Halloween post Marlene, just so sorry to get here so late. I’ve been behind…again…and so it goes. You really got into the spirit of things, pun intended, ha! Love all the decorations. So glad too that you are still blogging, it can be difficult at times to keep going but the community here is so amazing. I heard they had rain in California on Halloween according to my friends there. They are in dire need aren’t they? Hope all goes well with your son, he is brave and so great that his freelancing is helping. Loved your daughter’s outfit – ingenious. Have a lovely day Marlene and see you again soon 🙂


  7. Your daughter did a great job with the pumpkin, Marlene. You know, I have never carved a pumpkin. I think I inherited my mother’s strong gag reflex to the insides of a pumpkin. 🙂
    Happy blogging anniversary! Three years, that a big accomplishment!


    • Thank you Jill, for reading and taking the time to comment. I wish I could have seen more than the photo of it. I also have never carved a pumpkin. I’m dangerous with sharp objects, especially around brownies. 🙂 I’m hoping when I get done moving my son, I’ll get time to form a complete thought and write something other than “Just the facts Ma’am.:)


  8. Marlene, I’m slowly catching up on reading and delighted to read your update. Its wonderful the way your son and daughter remain a big part of your life. You all step in to help each other, and that always makes me smile.

    I’m delighted to hear that your son has steady work. Freelancing feels a lot less secure, I know, but with affordable health cared now available, at least that part of things is taken care of. I knew people that stayed in terrible jobs because they simply couldn’t do with out the benefits.

    Your daughter’s costume is brilliant. I love all the detail and the fact that she used her favorite hat as a jumping off point. Good for her. I have zero skill with sharp objects, so like you, refrain from carving. I’ve tried it a time or two and find it dangerous and scary. Even scarier than your skeleton.

    Happy blogging anniversary. I’m so glad you’ve stuck with it. We all grow and change and our blogs evolve. I’m afraid to go back and look at my earlier posts, though one day I should.

    Best of luck with your son’s house, the escrow, inspections, and all the other details.

    Now its my turn to breathe for you. Here we go: breathe in one, two, three, four and breathe out, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. Repeat until you notice your heart rate drop. xoxox


  9. Oh phooey, I popped by thinking I must have missed one of your updates cause we hadn’t chatted for a bit and sure enough, I did. Looks like being a new homeowner has brought out the Halloween in both of us Marlenie. I’m so glad you had fun. I can’t believe how your garden is still green and growing. We’ve been in full on fall for over two months, the leaves dropped weeks ago and we enjoyed a long mild spell. That all ended two days ago and now we have snow. Not piles of it yet so that’s ok, but we had to get use to the cold overnight….no easing into it this year.

    Surprisingly enough I still scar pretty easily. My husband is always making me jump and do a Kramer (flippin’ out) by just innocently walking into a room unexpectedly. I *never* watch scary movies, I can’t even watch the ads. Have you seen pictures of that clown on the news. I think it’s in the UK. He goes out at night with a balloon bouquet, stands on street corners or at a bus stop and just stares. That’s the kind of thing that gives me nightmares, LOL. I’m a big ol’ chicken, bawwwwk, bawk.

    Doing the happy dance for you and your son. Makes sense when good things happen for good people. Look how something so seemingly dire has worked it’s way out brilliantly. Your wonderful story is a good lesson, I must remember to try and not be such a worrier about life. It’s the hardest thing for me. You sure have been busy there. A new master bath? Wow! When all is said and done, you might have forgotten how to relax, it’s been going hard at it for a while now. You must get a good feeling for all these physical accomplishments too hon, I’m really happy for you to be accomplishing so so much.

    The viking custom looks entirely professional. Holy Hagar, that’s awesome. The earings on the horns are a nice touch, LOL I biggiefied the photo to check them out.

    Well my dear, I’m going to get the morning coffee perked and cuddle up on the sofa with WP and see what my other neighbours have been doing too. Have a beautiful day love xoK


    • Thanks for stopping by sweety. I do rest quite a bit. I must. Dizziness gets me down every time. I’m mostly the second pair of hands on big projects but sometimes I can come up with good ideas on how to do things easier, We are hoping for a quick close and out of here before the mountain passes fill with snow. We don’t get snow in Oregon until maybe February and then usually only once. Mountain areas are different. Portland rarely gets snow, mostly ice and they are seriously unprepared for it. I would take the snow to our 90 degrees we had yesterday. Getting a break in the heat now. I’ll have another post as soon as I finish my second cuppa. 🙂 Thanks for looking for me. Hugs

      Liked by 1 person

      • 90 F in November? That seems Banana’s. That’d probably be the warmest day all year here actually. I would melt for sure. I didn’t realize that Portland rarely get’s snow. You don’t really seem that far away. I forget sometimes how far north Edmonton really is. xo


  10. I think it’s because Portland is so close to the rivers and at just the right spot for storms to miss us most of the time. They get caught in the Cascade mountains. We are close enough to the ocean that snow lands, then goes away. I’ll take whatever we get to the weather here. Heat makes me quite ill. Southern Calif has had little cool or significant rain in years. We will both be glad to leave here. It will be hard as my son is solar powered, as am I. I just turn on lots of lights and crank up the music to beat the grey skies. Keep your fingers crossed, please. Hugs and chin scratches to Petals and Blossom.



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