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  1. …I’m still trying to guess who sent this. 😉


    • It’s a tough one I know. :)) My son said he was no longer going to buy birthday and Christmas presents. He was just going to send her a check and have her send pretty little boxes. I got so excited I showed EVERYONE! I have yours on display too. Sure wish you two could come help me use up all my craft stuff. It’s just sitting there waiting for me to get to it. 😦


      • What fun we would have, Marlene, the three of us sipping tea and crafting and whiling away the hours. That sounds positively fabulous.

        Your son is so cute. What a clever idea, too, placing custom orders with Boomdee in advance. He might be on to something. 😉


      • Yes, he’s cute and funny too. He saw my reaction to the little box and those I’ve received from you and others. I guess he figures the kindle gift card isn’t going to get that reaction anymore. 🙂 Boomdee just needs to toss in aqua paper and it’s a happening thing. :))


      • LOL Aqua tissue paper is as good as fairy dust. And on the subject of fairy gardens, how is yours fairing in the heat? I’m so glad I planted succulents when I did. I hardly water it at all.


      • My fairy garden is on the front porch and doing remarkably well there. I took a photo of it and trying to get a post together. I have daylight now so I have to go out and get my work done. Hopefully, I’ll get the brain power to do a post soon. Hugs.


      • I’m pleased to hear it, Marlene. I’ll look forward to that post when you’re ready.



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