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In Search of Thanksgiving » chickadee mat

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  1. That little chickadee is adorable!


    • Thank you. I knew you would like that one. 🙂 Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. How are you going to manage it on one foot??


      • This will be the smallest Thanksgiving we’ve ever had: just the four of us. Mike is a fabulous cook and as such took over most of the cooking years ago. I love to decorate, so we stay out of each others way and together make a wonderful day of it. (There is still a funny story about me ruining the mashed potatoes one year…I should add that I was also newly pregnant). Anyhoo…

        For the past decade, our friends down the street have joined us. They have two girls close in age to our boys, so every year the girls would come early and the four kids had a blast. Sadly for us this year, they’re in Calgary for an outdoor, campground wedding. In November! I can’t even imagine it. I was so sad when Darlene first shared the news, but as I’m still unable to get around without my knee scooter, not to mention so easily fatigued, it’s turned into a blessing in disguise. Sharon is sharing part of her day with friends and I’ll see her over the weekend.

        So, I’ll be tucked under my blanket for a good part of the day. The boys will help Mike with prep and if I can muster the energy, I’ll sit in a chair and fuss over some semblance of a center piece. And did I mention we’re vegetarians? Traditional? Not in the least. But…it works. Enjoy your day.


      • I think it’s the contrast that makes each holiday special. We all need those challenging holidays to make the others so much more special. I’m always grateful that I’m not so alone that I have to go to a coffee shop to have my dinner for one. There are too many that do. I checked in with my older neighbors to make sure everyone had someone to dine with. We had a party here. :))) I’m glad you are still resting. And a husband that cooks, heaven sent. 🙂 I was only going to write the one post this month but I may have to do a Thanksgiving update. Giant healing hugs.


      • Goodie! Yes please. A Post-Thanksgiving post will be lovely.

        It’s good of you to check on your older neighbors and to be sure no one is alone. That’s hard to see, isn’t it?

        Yes, a husband that cooks is a delight indeed. Throw in his general thoughtfulness and affection and you can appreciate how fortunate I am. We’re good together.

        Thanks for those healing hugs. I’m feeling slow today, but trying to save my strength for a dinner with friends from out of town. We opted for a restaurant 15 minutes away. I’ll try not to fall asleep in my soup.


      • Ah, you tickle me so. Falling asleep in your soup. 🙂 Restaurants are wonderful when you just don’t have the stamina to cook and clean. I love good food…cooked by someone else. 🙂 I’m delighted that there is anyone out there in a good marriage. It gives one hope. I’ll give the update a whirl shortly. Maybe Sunday after the daughter and I bake another few batches of cookies. Hugs all around.



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