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  1. I love the way these smell. Kelly has one in her front garden. I spied one, but they take too much water and I’m trying to be good. That and I have no more space.


    • I’m praying that at least one does well. They were my dads favorite so I put one for him and mom in the memory garden. One for my kids dad is down by itself, just like he was. A loner with a family. :/


      • (((Marlene))) I love the idea of a memorial garden. The loner for your kid’s dad seems sad and wistful. How do they feel about the garden, or in particular the lilac? People remain part of our lives even after they’re gone. His legacy is two wonderful children who hopefully embrace your warmth and connection to others. Xo


      • They loved the idea that I planted something for their dad. They understood his inability to connect with others but we all loved him for who he was. We do feel a bit sad and wistful thinking of him. My parents both loved the lilac and mom had planted a few for my dad at her last home. We planted a tree for my kids dad in his last home but the people that bought the house, cut it down. So nothing is ever permanent. Especially us. But I plant in memory anyway. 🙂 Those two kids are all I ever need. You know what I mean there.


      • I know exactly what you mean.

        It’s wonderful that you all have an understanding of the man their father was. It’s a shame he died so young, another thing I can relate to.

        It’s sad to think of planting a special tree, only to have others cut it down, but the gift was in the planting in the first place, and for the time it grew it had a special place. I hope that brings some comfort.


      • We all realize everything is impermanent. You are right. It’s the intention that is the gift. We will always miss him.



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