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  1. Lace curtains will always remind me of Bruge, Belgium. There were lace curtains in all the windows and beautiful but pricey curtains for sale.


    • They have them all over Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Mine are not nearly so nice but I love the look and wanted it. Very dated but I don’t care. So am I. 😉 I really want to go to Belgium and the Netherlands, Ireland, Scotland and the UK still, Oh and Norway, Denmark, and Sweden. Hmmm. Where don’t I want to go? Anywhere hot! 🙂


      • I’m with you! I’m good with cool, windy, breezy travel. I would also love to visit Norway, Denmark and Sweden. They seem like role models for the rest of the world on how to live productive, compassionate, and intelligent lives. xo


      • They are on my list too. Just looking for a way to do it all. 🙂


      • I’m resigned to the fact that my list will always be longer than my reality, but part of the fun is dreaming and planning and I can do that forever. 🙂

        Marlene, Kelly and I have discussed trying to meet up with you one day. I’m not sure if that means meeting half way, or a rendezvous in Victoria or what. I hope you’ll add us to your list as well.


      • I’m in on the idea.Will have to give some thought as to the how and when. Would love to meet up with you as well. :)) Now that life is slowing down a bit, I can give it serious thought.



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