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I’m sure most of you have wonderful plans for this special day. We have the perfect weather here for celebrating. Cloud cover and not much above 80 degrees which is a break for us.

I spent yesterday repairing my son’s flag that had become a bit tattered from catching on the edge of the roof last year. No wind today will help keep it nice. I have lots of reasons to memorialize today.

Flags are out

Welcome to my humble porch.

Today would be the day my dad would have celebrated his birthday. Happy Birthday, dad. He served 20 years in the Army and felt quite lost when he retired. Here is his photo when he first enlisted and didn’t even have a name on his uniform yet. I do not believe he was 18 yet. Many lied about their ages then.

Just a baby really but he found a home

My first husband served  three years in the Army during the era of drafting so he chose to enlist. That worked out much better for him. It also changed him much like it did my dad.

He is with his parents so his sister keeps the markers looking lovely

So today I remember all those who have served and sacrificed for us as well as all those who hold a place in our hearts though no longer in our arms.

Have a wonderfilled day.

America is hope. It is compassion. It is excellence. It is valor. ~ Paul Tsongas

From my heart to yours,

Marlene Herself


A Short Long Story

I’ve been ruminating on how best to write a sad story where no one ends up feeling sad. My goal in life has always been to look for the silver lining in every event no matter how challenging. Challenges follow all people throughout their lives. The Golden Years are no exception and not always as golden as one would hope.

The sun keeps rising no matter what else is going on.

If one looks at the challenges that are in front of them honestly, one will always see there was probably some part they played in creating the challenge. That’s where I’m standing now. I take full responsibility for the challenges that are now ahead of me and will find the silver lining in them.

There are decisions ahead that I really am not looking forward to making. The ruminating on the best course of action is one that so many have made. I’m not unique here. I just need to keep pressing in a forward motion.

I’ve made 8 so far with material to make more. I wish I sewed faster

A week ago, my last husband passed away after a long and hard illness. He had just had his 79th birthday and I have not seen or spoken to him in the last 5 years. Though I had hoped we could remain on friendly terms, his adult children had other plans. I have missed him even though I knew the choice I made was the best one for everyone concerned. He is now no longer in distress or discomfort and I have never wished him anything but good. This is where I keep the long story short.

There are often rainbows before and after storms

I am now faced with a significant reduction in income that I found out last year was going to happen. Trying to ready myself for it did not happen fast enough. I think it’s been boiling in the back of my mind for months but I couldn’t figure out a good plan. Denial only works so long.


As I talk to other women my age who are living on their own quite happily, I find many are also trying to keep their heads above water in so many ways. While speaking with a neighbor about the possibilities of employment, she offered some insight as well as admitted that she would never be able to stop working even though she is well past retirement age as am I.

It’s not a comfortable place to find oneself. I saw my own mother outlive her money after my father died. Like I said, I am not unique here. I’m trying to bring in a little light to a subject that I think needs attention as well as explain my distraction and absence. It’s life in session and I’m in class. Lesson learned and more to come.

You can almost see where the bottom of the rainbow landed

Do you have a little light?

 “She must protect herself. There would be no one to do it for her. A plan started to prick up its ears inside her, slowly, but getting stronger.”
~ Catherynne M. Valente, “The Girl Who Fell Beneath Fairyland and Led the Revels There”

From my heart to yours,

Marlene Herself