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I am so far behind with my reading of posts, books on my bedside stand as well as so many other things that want my attention but this grabbed it first thing this morning and I can do nothing less than share it. IΒ  was overwhelmingly moved by the writing as well as the story.

I met Cecilia here in Portland at the Press Publish conference a couple of years ago. She is a little bit of a thing running her own farm by sheer force of will. I heard her story as she was one of the speakers and we met in the hall afterward. This tiny dynamo has a heart as big as most countries. I know her heart and hold her dear.

Painted in 1988. A first project

Each morning, even though she never reads my blog, I go see how things are at The Kitchen’s Garden. She barely has time to feed herself but she feeds everything else and my soul so I stop by every day no matter what.

Take a few moments to stop by there. It will be worth your time. Enough of my words now. Time for you to read hers.

From my heart to yours,

Marlene Herself

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  1. Read C’s blog first thing this morning as I usually do. It was amazing wasn’t it…she is wonderful.

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  2. Thanks for introducing us to Cecilia and her blog, Marlene.

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  3. Like you, I need my daily dose of Farmy life from Miss C. You’re entirely right. She does feed the soul.

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  4. Thanks for sharing Marlene, that was a profound interaction! Even though I have promised myself not to follow any more blogs, this one kind of has to be read……..

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    • I rarely leave a comment there as she really has no time to answer them all but I learn so much and have found a lot of interesting people there. She is nursing a rescue pot belly pig that someone set fire to. You would love her and she is from NZ! Funny how I pick blogs to follow. You are all so different yet you all have great and wonderful hearts.

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  5. Thanks for bringing The Kitchen’s Garden to my attention! I loved it, just visited, read a bit and started following her. Great storytelling. πŸ™‚

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  6. Special indeed. Thank you for the introduction ❀ xxx

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  7. J > It is a very fine piece of writing – very powerful, without being ‘writerly’


  8. A new blogger to me, I shall go visit now.

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  9. Ah yes, I remember her from the WordPress conference. There were a lot of interesting lectures and bloggers in attendance. I’m so glad that we went. As I was sorting through my books last week I came across the book Cecilia wrote. I really enjoyed it. Haven’t followed her blog, but this is a perfect opportunity to check in on her farm and that pig she told us about that day. Have a good week and stay cool! 😎

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  10. Dear Marlene: Thanks so much for sharing this. What a beautiful story, sad undercurrent and all.

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    • I’m glad you had the chance to read it. Yes, it has a sad undercurrent but I felt like I was at the table with them when I read it. So raw and something we all need to look at. Thanks for visiting.

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  11. This is terrific, Marlene!

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  12. β€˜There’s trouble coming . . . . things that were kept under . . . β€˜
    Yes, that is how many of us are feeling.
    Thank you for the introduction, Marlene

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    • You are very welcome, Laurie. She reminds me of you in a way. A strong woman who disregards expectations and gets the job of life done. I admire you both.

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      • Marlene, I am just seeing your comment and it warmed my heart. It’s been a thoughtful day here for me, and I appreciate that generous comment.

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  13. Thank you for the link Marlene.. and I will head over later to see her posts.. Much LOVE to you and your own Heart of Gold.. xxx

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