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I’ve been haunted this year. Not by ghosts but by memories. There are seven years of memories that haunt my waking hours and keep sleep at bay.


Today is my seventh anniversary with WordPress. My first post was on Halloween night. The haunting started at my son’s home while he and his sister terrorized the neighbor children with frightening sights and sounds.

It’s also the anniversary of my father’s death. But he doesn’t haunt me. Unless I’ve misspelled a word or used it incorrectly.

Frankie ate the candy so he brought flowers for his coffin

What is haunting me is whether I have the capacity to keep blogging in the face of all the new challenges ahead. I have a cemetery of unread posts and another of unfinished posts to write. You know about the well of dead plots, I’m certain.

Halloween here is quiet, deadly quiet in my neighborhood. It’s rainy and not quite cold enough to keep the ghouls away.

Witchy Poo

My lights are on and the snickers are louder than ever before. Calling me to step outside and put my hand in the cauldron with the chance that my hand may never come out of it…empty.


The moon is covered so we can’t see the witches fly by it or the ghouls creep up the steps. I have my bowl of popcorn and a host of Halloween hilarity waiting. I’m no good with the horror of this night and will stay hidden until it’s all over, hoping next year will be better and the haunting comes to an end.

Have you got hilarious or horrific plans for your Halloween/Anniversary?

From my heart to yours

Haunted Marlene Herself


No, not me. At least so far so good. I’m old but upright.

Leaves, temperatures, temperaments, daylight hours, rain, even the number of posts I’m writing. Everything is falling and changing. That’s the natural order of life. We all want it to stay the same. One person worships the warm weather and constant daylight. Another, like myself, prefers the falling temperatures and rain. Odd for a person who is solar-powered but I am not one who does well in the heat.

Finished with scrap fabric

My expectations of myself are always rising, but my results have fallen a bit. This year, as the autumn closes in with a tease I find myself moving more slowly, introspectively.

Hydrangea in the spring


The seasons of weather are much like the seasons of life. The leaves of my mind blow here and there, not quite coming to a place of rest. Energy in the fall can seem quite scattered. I say that’s why I blow from project to project not quite completing any of them. Lot’s of works in progress.

Showing off for sewing friends Now I need to finish the back and bind it.


Only 10 years in the making. It started out in a class.

Even my plants are showing me that fall is here. My Hydrangea went from a soft blue to green and shades of purple as the fall came blowing in. Our clocks will be falling back an hour on November 4th. Not a fan of changing the clocks because the body takes so much longer to pick up the rhythm.

Here’s how I thought time got away from me.


They started out light blue.


From light blue to dark purple

The whole world is in a cycle of change like the weather. If we can love each season for the good it brings with it, we can weather the storms and find ourselves with the beauty that was always right in front of us.

Beautiful colors against a clear sky

I love the colors of fall

There are many dealing with storms of all kinds this autumn. My thoughts are with you and wish you well. I’m going to enjoy the wobble of weather from cold to warm and back again along with the lovely changes in the colors of leaves. How are you dealing with the Fall?

This is where they end up. Glad it’s not me.

From my heart to yours,

Marlene Herself