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National Bear Hunt?

I thought they were talking about real bears when I first saw the title pop up somewhere. I was NOT interested in hunting bears. Then I popped over to my Facebook page and saw my friend, Alys at Gardening Nirvana had posted about the bear hunt too. Alys LOVES animals so I read the whole post.

The first bear I saw this week.

By golly, they are not real bears, just teddy bears and it made me smile. I had plans for this day. Writing wasn’t at the top of my list. It’s been hard to concentrate with all the racket across the street. Workmen sawing and hammering metal for the new neighbor’s carport. They have been at it three days already and I’m starting to fray at the edges. Alys’ post put that behind me.

My mom’s bear and a little German bear Hard to see in the window.

First order of business was to entice my daughter from work momentarily to help get bears in the window just so. They are hard to see with trucks in the way but later this weekend without mass construction vehicles, I hope they cheer a few passersby.

My daughter’s bear in his bowler hat.

Second order of business was my walk in the neighborhood to wave good morning to my friend, Emily and let her know (from the curb) about the bears. As I walked, I saw many bears in windows. When had that started. One has been there for quite some time but I didn’t know why. It was sweet to see.

Trio of bears on my walk

So, I looked online for where it started. Like Alys, I think it’s worth spreading to distract not just children but the rest of us from falling into despair over so much gloom. My walk was eye opening! So many bears in just a short distance. It was raining and my phone got a little wet along with me so who knows how many more there are in the neighborhood but I sure hope to spread the word and find many more when I get out in the dry air. I think this is a great way to cheer us all up. A way to say hi as our neighbors walk or drive by. Happy bear hunting to all of you.

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Are you finding interesting ways to cheer yourself and others?

From my heart to yours,

Marlene Herself