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A Day Off

I know, I know. I’m retired and every day is a day off. Except in my world. When I wake at three or four in the morning and do my morning pages, I make a list of everything that needs doing today. Then I sigh deeply because I know it can’t all get done. How is it that there is so much to do? Well, silly me, I create all that busyness.


I borrowed this from another blog. We need to remember this.

This morning, my body just didn’t want to get out of bed. It kept saying “just a few more minutes of repose and relaxation, please.”  So today I listened and announced to no one there that I was taking a down day. Sitting and watching the Jay’s going back and forth to their nest. Still no sight of baby Jay’s.

In the last weeks I have worked hard on the upper terrace to clear out tree limbs and branches cut down. They pose fire danger in our dry months. Then I add weeds on top of that so that my daughter and I have to work together getting the green waste can down off the hill. Each week it’s repeated. I found that I have muscles that have not been used in a long time. Tomorrow will be that day again. Today, I contemplate those poor trees.

another brown green waste can full

Green waste can full again



So many dead branches


weeding required

Weeds, weeds everywhere

I’ve done a bit of sewing when I can concentrate. I found my box of pins under my bed languishing without purpose. I wore pins on my clothes for years and had a large collection. What could be done with them? I had a bit of inspiration and some scrap fabric given to me by friend going into a retirement facility. Now I can think of her daily as I see my pins each time I pass by. When I sent a photo to my son, his wife requested one as a gift for a friend. I have more scrap to make another similar but not exact. Request is on the list of to-dos along with cushions for the front porch furniture.

finished pin hange

I’ve made more hearts sent them out in the world to bring a little cheer.

I walk at least 5 days a week in my neighborhood where I see change daily. Nothing stays the same if you pay close attention. A young man and his family across the street draw a great deal of criticism from some of the neighbors over their large collection and constant running of vehicles. I sit watching with amusement as the entrepreneurial skills of this young man take an unusual leaning. He is very hardworking and minds his own business. The Redneck Limousine was from 2019.

My son sent some photos over the last weeks. He has been recovering the little chairs the kids sit in at the preschool. It seems their Gracie has taking to them while each waits its turn to be completed.
This week, I was sent photos of Gracie’s new sibling, a foster for now. This little darling was found under the porch yelling quite loudly. She or he gets quiet on two occasions, eating or laying in my son’s lap. Gracie is not a lap cat so my son is delighted with this little cuddler.

Gracie on the chair

Gracie likes the kids chairs


gracie hiding

Even better with 2 chairs making a roof and hiding place


rescued from under the porch

Rescued from under the porch.


foundling foster

Loud but cuddly

There is evidence of hopefulness and refusal to give up even when your roots have been cut out from under you in these trying times.

Do you find ways and times to just take a day off and let the day flow as it wants?

From my heart to yours,
Marlene Herself