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A Different Thanksgiving

This is the first Thanksgiving I have spent at the home of my son and his wife in way too many years. We will also be celebrating his birthday while we are here on the mountain in Arizona. He’s still busy working though; even after knee replacement surgery. Obviously, it went very well.

It took a while to get here. First a day’s drive to Redding, CA. Hot, dry and windy we headed out the next morning for the San Fransisco Bay area to visit for a few hours with fellow blogger, Alys and family. We had a lovely dinner together with a lot of chatting. I was privileged to view her garden up close. I could be jealous but I am always grateful for all I learn from her. Getting there was no party though. It’s California traffic after all.

The next night was Bakersfield, CA. There was so much dust and pollutants in the air the it was in the unhealthful range. I did have the best Cobb salad I’ve ever had anywhere. Then a night in Flagstaff to get acclimated slowly to the altitude. Even with oxygen, it left me huffing and puffing as I still am where my son lives. Thanksgiving dinner will be another 1000 ft higher. I won’t need wine.

Right now, I’m very grateful we made it here for a unique celebration of gratitude with family and their friends. Only eight of us but lots of food and I hope friendly conversation. I’m making Watergate for a side dish/dessert. My son’s favorite German dinner is the order of the day for his birthday. I’ll be the chef of the day for that meal.

The day I found out escrow had closed and I had to go sign papers on my house, I was having a lovely soup and salad with my quilting friend, Patti. Her son lives close by with his partner in life. They were away so Patti had to check the mail and house while we were out. She had to show me how her son’s partner had already set the entire dining room for their version of Thanksgiving. She apparently has a flair for making things very festive as their dinner will be including several friends without family. I was in love with it so I took copious photos.

How will you do your Thanksgiving?

I wish you all things good and much for which to be grateful.

From my grateful heart to yours,

Marlene Herself

That Homeless Feeling

I’m sitting in the motel’s breakfast room writing this but can’t get it posted right away. It will have to wait for a secure internet connection later.

Good Ship Pumpkin. Too cute for words.

We just completed three days of intense packing of all the things we thought we couldn’t live without. Then we finally got the last of our things into storage with a great deal of help from my sister and a couple of my daughter’s friends. Lastly, we cleaned house for the buyer to move into without worry about putting things away. I wanted her experience to be different from mine moving into this home.

As we drove away to give the keys to my realtor, I fully expected a sad farewell. It didn’t come. I must have been too tired from all the details of the sale and the work but I was oddly somewhat relieved to pass the torch to the next younger owner.

Last view on a stormy day.

We listed the house September 10 and signed closing papers November 10. Wow! Apparently, I found the only realtor who really works for their client and goes the extra mile. I have had realtors while buying and selling other places that I wouldn’t recommend to anyone. I think Debra and I would have been friends had we met before.

No path left

I dawdled and lollygagged with the packing earlier, thinking we had lots of time. Maybe till spring. Here we are, officially homeless with no permanent forwarding address. What 73-year-old woman with health issues does that? Yes, I have checked in with a professional that assures me I’m not crazy. Maybe a little slow in the brain department.

We have had a short night’s rest. I woke at 2:30 this morning. A loud voice in my dreams called my name and brought me straight up and out of slumber. Not wanting to turn on the lights in our room so my chauffeur could get quality sleep, I wandered in here to visit with you.

Mt Shasta I think

We won’t leave until past daybreak for a 7-hour drive to the next motel. The following day I get to visit my friend and fellow blogger, Alys at Gardening Nirvana, dropping off a fairy garden for her gentle care while my daughter and I travel on to Arizona to spend the rest of the month with my son and his family. After which we hope to board a flight for Germany and anywhere else that we can get to see.

This whole trip and experience took on a life of its own. We are traveling in winter during a pandemic with heavy outbreaks in many places. It’s a bit scary but if not now, when?

More bowl cozies

The hardest part was taking down my sewing room. I did manage to finish a few projects that were sitting there waiting. Bowl cozies half done and I couldn’t leave them that way. I’ve already sold four of them to my realtor who had never seen them before. Now I have to hope that I find a place that will allow me space to continue being creative.

Wine and cork cozies

“Not all those who wander are lost.” – J.R.R. Tolkien

From my heart to yours,

Marlene Herself