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In Search of Snippets

I have been struggling to find topics I want to share even though there is plenty going on. Some things are just not that interesting to others. You know what I mean. It’s when someone wants to tell you something that has been happening for them and it sounds like “waa, waa, waa” to your ears.

Last weekend my sister came to visit bringing her daughter and a friend. After a good visit, she wanted to go out for a light dinner. So we headed to Sweet Tomato’s, where we could each get what we liked. They went through the line first and I followed up the rear. After I paid for my meal, my sister returned to help me with my tray even though there is always someone working there who offers. Trays are awkward with the cane. She whispered that she had set us beside some interesting people.

As we started to approach our table in that very crowded restaurant, a group came directly at me with no way to go around. All I saw was an older woman with very white hair extending out from around her head in halo form, come face to face with me. She smiled and then reached up to me, planting a kiss right on my lips. Her face radiated pure joy in the most glowing, ethereal way. Her son, apparently, right behind her looked uncomfortable. She said something I do not remember but it spoke of happiness to see everyone. I looked at her and felt nothing but love so I offered a full hug. She was delighted to accept and I was warmly embraced. We stopped traffic for several moments. Her son thanked me, but I was the one who benefitted.

Apparently, she had Alzheimer’s. As my sister had pointed out, we were sitting right next to them. I’m sure she gave her family much to be concerned with, but, she left me with a different perspective on the noisy crowd that day. Through her eyes, I could delight in all the excitement of each moment watching everyone sharing their meals. She was looking at everything with such childlike delight and joy. I felt bathed in that Angelic light of love and joy. I basked in it for several days and still get overwhelmed at the memory of the experience.

Delightful moments come when you are least expecting them. I wish I could have taken a photo of her but I was too close and it would have probably caused some anxiety for her family. These are the snippets of life that secret their way to you, reminding you to appreciate the good with the difficult. Have you had snippets of joy when you weren’t expecting them? I certainly wish them for you.

From my heart to yours,
Marlene Herself