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In Search of a Different Way to Celebrate

Ok, I know it’s old news but I haven’t had a chance to really process it. July 4th is over and behind us but for me, this year’s celebration was a whole new experience. It actually happened on July 5th so those that had to work on Friday could stay up late and not have rest disturbed.

I have most often lived where fireworks are illegal and only to be watched by sitting with a very large crowd of people at some arena. Since I’m not crazy about crowds and my children are grown, (I think they are anyway) I most often don’t bother with the fireworks or celebration at all. When living in Arizona, June and July were fire season. We were lucky to get to barbecue and only with gas. So this year, my children and I drove the hour to their cousin’s place and experienced a real block party.

My son took the photos for me.

My son took the photos for me.

My niece’s boyfriend has lived on the block a long time and has been doing this July 4th extravaganza for several years. His parents have their own fireworks stand and he builds the displays that go off and dazzle you with ooh’s and ahh’s. I have never seen them up close and personal. The applause at the end of each round of display was worthy of any big time celebrity.

They actually pull a permit from the city to have a live band, block off the street at both ends (short street) and shoot off the fireworks in the middle. They have until 11:30 p.m. to get it all done. They were done by 11 so they were golden. The band was really loud, there was food from the entire block like you could not even imagine. When you thought there was no more food, someone brought in reinforcements.

Happy Hippy Band

Happy Hippy Band

Lots of eating took place and even some street dancing. I did very little of the eating and none of the dancing. My cane doesn’t know its’ right from its’ left. We observed. Children were everywhere having a great time playing in the street and waving lighted sparklers. Amazingly, not one of them was injured. Singles mingled, parents’ relaxed, new love smoldered and old couples enjoyed an evening out with no fuss.

Sparklers are an old,old favorite of children.

Sparklers are an old,old favorite of children.

I brought 36 deviled eggs to the mix and made my rice and noodle pilaf for my niece and boyfriend. That’s what it costs me to get in the door. They didn’t share the rice dish and tried to keep many of the deviled eggs for themselves too. I guess I can cook a little. It was worth it for the novel experience of a block party. The little gatherings we had with our snow-bird neighbors in Arizona was downright sedate compared to this.

I don't think she had any eardrums left

I don’t think she had any eardrums left

I’m so ready for a nice block of my own but I’ll leave the fireworks to the experienced hands. I guess there are so many ways to celebrate the holiday. This one took me a little out of my comfort zone but was so worth it. I love to watch people having a good time.
How do you handle new experiences that test your comfort zone?

Holidays are all different depending on the company and time of your life
.~Dominic Monaghan

From my heart to yours,
Marlene Herself