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In Search of Independence

Happy 4th of July everyone!! Some of you are celebrating more than others. I have a brother who celebrates the 4th like most do Christmas. This year it will be toned down a great deal as the heat and lack of rain have created less than ideal conditions for the usual extravaganza. I think he celebrates everything in a big way. I really hope that never changes for him. We should all celebrate life big.

For me, Independence Day has become another holiday with mixed feelings. I love the idea that the whole country celebrates this day no matter what religion, race or country of origin. We all want to see the fireworks and have that picnic.

Twenty five years ago on the 4th of July, I gave up the independence that I had struggled so hard to win by marrying again at 1:00 a.m. in Las Vegas. He had the day off and said he wouldn’t forget the anniversary. I had a weak moment. I knew better before the “I do’s” were done. Every year after on Independence Day I thought about what I had given up out of fear.

Women (by no means all) at least more so from my generation, seem to be more vulnerable to the fears that being independent can bring. So many of us were ill equipped to be single parents, much less self-supporting. I’m so glad to see that changing in the next generation but there are still so many out there that have such a long way to go.

There is a fine line, a very fine line between the interdependence necessary to live a full and complete life and dependence that virtually eliminates any possibility of independence. Staying on the best side of that line is a tricky feat indeed.

We as a nation are struggling with that same fine line. Many of us have been willing to give up our independence for the appearance of safety and security. Fear pervades the very essence of our being. We are afraid of not having enough. We are afraid to walk our streets and afraid to take them back. We are afraid of getting sick and not having health care. I think we have been deliberately been fed a diet of fear. It’s worked for now but I see the tide turning.

In my own case, I have faced my greatest fears. I am technically homeless. Living with family members for the last 18 months has not been my ideal nor theirs. I am adjusting my frame of reference as to what independence looks like. Depending on public transportation is what most of the world does and it’s working for me. I can drive some now though still preferring not to. I have no health insurance and probably will not have it again. The system feeds on illness. I want a system that supports wellness. So if I need a doctor, I will pay cash. If I can’t, well, I know the consequences. Most of the people I know who are my age are chained to several medications regularly. I take vitamins, nothing more and each day I’m seeing more wellness.

As a nation and a global community, we need each other but we should never have to be in fear of one another. I’d like to celebrate this vast melting pot of differences melded into the unity of one grand independent group.
I am independent because I am no longer ruled by fear, my greatest captor. I am interdependent because I need you in my life to make it joyful. With deep gratitude I thank all of who have gone before to set the example and gave the ultimate gift so I could have this experience.

Have a wonderful 4th

I prefer liberty with danger to peace with slavery.

~Author Unknown

From my heart to yours,