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In Search of Gratitude

How hard is it to be grateful when you are quite unwell and homeless? I’ve discovered it’s a matter of perspective. It’s on what a person chooses to focus that makes the difference. I made the choice to give up a perfectly good home to drift from one family member to the next. That choice has increased my ability to heal my own body. I’m ill but not terminally ill. I’m grateful that I have family willing to let me drift among them and that I still have the potential to heal and recover my health. I have been searching out alternative therapies and I’m grateful that they are available to me since doctors as a whole don’t seem to know what to do with me. I found an energy healer less than 2 miles from my sister’s house. I can walk there. I’m grateful that I have enough money coming in from Social Security to eat regularly. I could whine, and I have extensively but there is so much more to be grateful for than whine about. I’m single again and grateful. I get to discover my full potential for the first time in my life. There may be no potential but I get to look for it without suppressing it for someone else’s definition of who I should be. So I will cook a little turkey with the trimmings for myself and my sister and have a glass of wine, not whine, to celebrate all my blessings. I have a warm place to sleep and plenty to eat. I have family to share my joys and sorrows and hope for a bright tomorrow. What more can a person want? Plenty, and there is nothing wrong with that as long as what we already have is appreciated. I appreciate my life big time. It’s been full and quite interesting. I wish the same for you. Happy, Happy Thanksgiving.

From my heart to yours,