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In Search of What Can’t Be Left Behind

Blogging 101 gave us another assignment that I’m tardy in completing. I tend to get bogged down with the technical assignments as in widgets and the blogroll vs blogs I follow. This assignment is to write about what prompted my comment on a new blog I’ve read and link you to it. This assignment was easy since a new blog I’ve started following inspired many thoughts.

Shaku Dreaming has so much fodder for thought I almost didn’t know where to start. We have a few things in common. We both left our country of origin leaving much behind. I was only four, she a grown woman. My mother had the same issue of what had to be left and what would be brought along. Mom snagged two pots her mother used to make the much sought after bread balls that go under luscious meat gravy. I don’t think she asked her mother before packing them. My toys were left behind as well.

I keep these within reach now.

I keep these within reach now.

As a person with ample belongings, I wonder if the start we had here contributed to the collecting of stuff. Shaku takes us through her reasoning process of what had to come along on her journey and what was left behind. While reading, I was reminded also of another time that decision was forced on me. Moves always bring those thoughts about but so does a fire evacuation. We experience that during Arizona’s Rodeo-Chedeski fire in 2002.

We at least had some warning and time to think about what to take and leave behind. When you are filling vehicles you look real hard and ask a lot of questions. Mostly, what can be replaced and what is irreplaceable. I have to be very forthright here. I never expected the fire to get to our neighborhood. The Governor had a home right across the road in a gated community. We also backed up to the Apache Reservation. I have to admit I was a bit casual about it at the time but evacuation wasn’t a choice.

Welcome to the parade. Thank goodness for tail lights.

Welcome to the parade. Thank goodness for tail lights.

Obviously there are photos, family videos, personal papers that can’t be replaced like my naturalization papers, passports and insurance documents. Computers but not sewing machines found their way into the vehicles. Dog food and blankets to make sure my best friend was always cared for. We brought very few clothes. It turned out we were evacuated for a mere 10 days. We also brought a cooler filled with some food and drinks. That came in handy in our drive across the desert in 110 degree heat. My daughter was following us in our pickup when the AC quit. We had her drop towels into the ice water and wrap them around her neck to keep heat stroke at bay.

It's fire proof but too necessary to be left behind unless necessary

It’s fire proof but too necessary to be left behind unless necessary

In my new house, those pots will soon find a spot on my wall with the other artwork created by my mother. They are no longer cook worthy but very much a memory. I think my car will be much lighter if I have to pack it again. Go by and see what Shaku found important.

There are many situations in life that bring us back to basics. What is really important? Have you thought about it lately?

From my heart to yours,
Marlene Herself

In search of tradition

Christmas is 2 weeks away and again I’m nowhere near ready. I keep trying to do all the things I’ve always done. But each year brings its own challenge to my idea of tradition. I have baked massive amounts of cookies and breads since I was 15. I always loved shopping for the perfect gift for each person. I collected ornaments until there was no room left on my tree.

But as I aged and the children left home, the need for cookies and the ability to stand and make them has decreased. I end up giving what I make to anyone who will take them. I certainly don’t need them but they are almost 60 years of tradition started by my mother.

My family size has changed several times but so far I have been fortunate enough not to spend the holidays alone. That may come yet. The one constant in my life has been change. Each year I must adapt my traditions to my new situation. And that my friend, is the greatest gift my parents ever gave me. THE ABILITY TO ADAPT. I often want things to be just like they always were but when I look back, they weren’t always so nice. Every day brings a new challenge and a new gift.

So once again I’m letting go of expectation and trying hard to embrace a different kind of holiday. Maybe, with help from my adult children, I’ll have the important things done on time. The rest, I just have to let go of and move on to the next great task. That would be paying for Christmas. There is a sideways smile in there if you can’t feel it. I got up today so life is good.

From my heart to yours