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In Search of a Day Off

My family and I have been working very hard since I got the keys to my new, old, manufactured home. I’m down to the last of the carpet that needs to come out so I can seal the floors but they must wait until the wood floors go down in other rooms so we have somewhere to push furniture. Life has been busy in other areas as well.

This week my daughter started working the first permanent job she’s had in 5 years. The temp service placed her there and after 6 months the company wanted her to stay and gave her a promotion. She has worked extremely hard for a very long time to find good work. I asked her if she thought the lower unemployment rate was valid. Her thought is there are so many that are no longer eligible for unemployment and have just given up looking for work. Many, like she had to do for a while, move in with family members and take whatever they can get to pay for groceries. They don’t get counted in the unemployment equation.

2 computers,3 monitors plus a laptop. Days go very quickly

2 computers,3 monitors plus a laptop. Days go very quickly

She has had other offers to make positions permanent but this is the one that she felt was right for her. She’s happy there and they are happy to have her there. So last Friday she sent a text and asked if I wanted to come downtown, meet her boss, work mates and have lunch. LUNCH! I’m in. She had already worked so many hours that week that she was able to get off work at 1:00 p.m.

So I took the MAX (Metropolitan Area Express or light rail) downtown and found her office. Her boss and workmates were wonderful. I saw why she was so happy. Lunch was terrific and then we had some fun.

We didn't even have to drive to the beach.

We didn’t even have to drive to the beach.

Now that looks like good fun.

Now that looks like good fun.

I had planned to rip out more nasty carpet but celebrating with my daughter was worth a day off for me. We did enjoy it. Seems downtown was having a Sand castles in the City event. It was a very hot day and the workers were misting water on the sand to keep it damp for sculpting. It was so much fun to watch the kids having fun playing in the sand.

Wish I could have stayed to the finish. There were so many nice sculptures

Wish I could have stayed to the finish. There were so many nice scultures

Then I was ready to catch the MAX back home and get back into work clothes. Before the night was over, one more room of carpet was out and the floor ready to paint. I even helped with my sister’s move. She will be staying here awhile as she looks for a place of her own in the area and some part time work. It’s been a busy week already. No more days off for me…till the next one.

How do you like to spend a day off and do you take them regularly?

From my heart to yours,
Marlene Herself