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Little Gifts

These last few weeks have been so very interesting. Of course, that’s how my life goes. I’ve never been bored and always looking for the little gifts’ life leaves for us unexpectedly.

My son’s Orchid with 2 ft. of flowers!

One morning this week I went out for my walk before day officially broke and headed up my first short hill. At the top and to my right, I noticed a rather large black and white cat sitting on a mound of dirt. I have never seen this cat before. I approached more slowly wondering why it was out there. As I turned around to go back down the hill, I saw why cat was sitting there. Its job was to slow me down and pay close attention.

Moving along

So many rocks, so easy to hide

Two steps down the hill, I came to a complete halt. On the embankment opposite the cat was the most beautiful baby deer. It stopped and looked at me as well. I wondered if I could successfully get my phone out to photograph this never seen before bit of joy in time. The deer did not seem the slightest bit disturbed at my movements and I captured a few very shaky shots. As the deer move down the hill, so did I. I finally decided to move ahead of it as it was heading toward the larger street and I wanted it to move away from traffic however limited at that dusky hour. I was so blessed that morning to see this baby deer/elk so up close that the rest of the day I was floating on air. There are rewards for getting out of bed in the dark.

Deer/Elk nibbling

Deer/Elk? close

The next day I had plans to meet a blogging friend for dinner as they were passing through on an extended trip. They drove an hour each way to stop by. We have been corresponding by snail mail since she stopped blogging several years ago. Prior to leaving for dinner, I sent a text to my son. “I have a lizard in my house.” Now, I am not afraid of them and they eat bugs so I had no intention of bringing harm to this creature. It would starve in my place though. Along with my lack of speed and vision, I was not the one likely to catch this little critter. So, the kids came early to pick me up and quickly came up with a plan. The DIL found a clear plastic container that I had in the discard box. There was also had a small cardboard box (delivered by Amazon just moments before) as they approached from two sides. He lowered the clear container on it and scooted it into the cardboard box closing the lid quickly. She said they don’t see the clear container coming at them. Then she took it outside and placed it back in its own environment.

Very confused house guest.

Jan and I at dinner

So off to dinner we went to enjoy some lively conversation with some very nice people. Dinner for the great hunters was on me as my son had also put up a new ceiling fan earlier that day to give me better light in my sewing room. I don’t know what I’d do without these great kids. Hope I never have to find out.

Do you get gifts from nature on occasion?

From my heart to yours,

Marlene Herself.

In Search of Nature in the City

The apartment complex I chose, very carefully, to move into here in Oregon City, is located between several busy streets. So imagine my surprise at waking up to a rooster crowing each morning. What a wonderful sound. That rooster is getting lazy and sleeping in later each day though. I have no idea where he lives, but he needs to be advised that I still need my wake up calls a bit earlier in the day.

Last Monday, I walked down the street to take care of some business. I like not needing a car for every little thing. I discovered that there is an estuary running through the apartment complex. Apparently, others are aware of it as well.

Feeding the ducks seems to be a favorite pastime around here. I have also noticed that everyone stops for the ducks when they decide to cross the road to get to more of the estuary. No matter the hurry, everyone waits for the last little one to follow mama duck.

While the rest of you are bringing in your plants for the winter, I just put some out. My deck off the kitchen is my wealth area, according to Western Feng Shui. Many people, my son among them, thing Feng Shui is a crock. I’m not taking any chances, especially with the wealth area. So my daughter and I planted purple flowers in a purple pot. I’ll be looking for gold there real soon. Need to keep that flow coming in.

Hunting down another quilt store locally, we stumbled on a little plant shop and found some Heather plants. I’ve never seen any before but named my daughter for them. So I had to give a try at growing them. The backdrop to them in this city complex is just wonderfully peaceful.

I have some really peaceful views out of my kitchen window and off the back bedroom deck. Not bad for a city apartment.

On an early morning run to the grocery/everything store, I caught a bit of movement out of the corner of my eye at the opposite end of the estuary, but did not think to take a picture. Unfortunately, I have not seen them since. At first they looked like they might be cats, then maybe beavers. Asking around, I found out they were nutria. An aquatic rodent. I gather they are not particularly welcome, but what an interesting sight in the city. I found a picture and information at this site.

Nutria, Nutria Pictures, Nutria Facts – National Geographic.

Finding a way to connect with nature is essential to health and well-being. I am so grateful to have found so much of it here in my city dwelling. I swear I feel wellness zipping to me. How do people live without it? I just can’t imagine.

Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better. ~ Albert Einstein

From my heart to yours,