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In Search of my Next Read

As I’ve often mentioned in passing, books are my PASSION! I like many things but books are what keep me moving through life. My lifelong fantasy (get your minds out of there) had been to own a book store with a coffee/tea/gift shop included. I asked Barnes and Nobles if I could just put a cot in the back room and help out for free. They weren’t having any of it. I actually asked several. Working a job is no longer an option so I just hang out there for HOURS.

Books fall off the shelf at me. I will wander the aisles of books until one literally falls forward at me. No joke. Inevitably, it’s something I need to read. My search of it all has been for many things. Mostly, it’s a spiritual search. I know I’m not alone here, just most of us are reluctant to speak or write about it. Jean at “Seeking Life” has challenged me to open up. I’ll let her know when the courage finds me. You know the phrase, talk about anything except religion or politics. Well, I’m mum entirely on politics and religion is like skating on thin ice in spring.

Easy to grasp and lots of reference marks

Easy to grasp and lots of reference marks

I’m not religious in the traditional sense anymore. I am very deeply spiritual. I’ve had an inordinate number of unusual spiritual experiences in my life that sent me down a very meandering path. I think my reading reflects that.

Along with very eclectic interests, a large number of my books are on writing. Since college was not an option, I have tried to self-educate as there are many fine writers who have some wonderful books to teach those willing to learn. I even learn from Mike over at Eye Dancers. His novel is geared toward adolescent boys but I found it written well enough to keep me intrigued to the end.

I don’t just read most of my books. If they are any good, I absorb them. I’ve got little markers in many and some require highlighting for repeat reading. I found “Writing Is My Drink” wonderfully written, and quite helpful. Now I’m going to read Theo Nestor’s memoir. I can hardly wait to read “Sleeping Single in a King Sized Bed”.

Writing is my Drink did jump off the shelf. It now has lots of reference tabs.

Writing is my Drink did jump off the shelf. It now has lots of reference tabs.

Novels are rare for me but I just finished one and am working on the second recommended by Jackie at “To Breathe is to Write”. Jackie is a wonderful writer herself so I trusted her and downloaded Maddie Cochere’s new mystery, “Murder Under Construction”. It was funny, easy to get into with a perfect flow. One of those books you like to read before bedtime to relax. I’ll let you know about the next one after I’ve read it. I need books like this because so much of my reading can be a bit heavy at times. “Living the Course in Miracles” was much easier than the Course itself and helped make sense of it.

Then, of course, I must have writing, quilting and miscellaneous magazines to stir up my creativity. I could go to the library to read these, but they would not like me tearing out the pages I want to keep. So the books and magazines are insulation in my apartment. I hope they don’t crash through the floor. Are there any questions as to why I don’t get more done? My apartment looks like a cyclone hit with craft stuff on every surface looking for a new home but that’s another post entirely. The work will always wait for a book to be read.

The M. S. Living is a loan from my German  friend. No, I can't read it all yet.

The M. S. Living is a loan from my German friend. No, I can’t read it all yet.

I saw a sign on Facebook that said “The most unattractive thing you can say to me is that you don’t read.”

What are you reading that you feel excited about? Do books fall off the shelf at you demanding to be read? Isn’t it fun to wonder what’s going to fall next?

From my heart to yours,
Marlene Herself