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In Search of Progress

This first week of January went exactly as I expected. I’ve decided it may take me till February to make any real progress in my plan for this year. Instead of beating myself up as usual, I’ve decided to just relax and let the progress flow to me. I’m doing what I can each day and letting the rest go. I think that’s where most of us go wrong with resolutions, not that I made any. I’m calling it a plan.

I was going to join a few others with a spending diet. It was a great idea in theory. Until my son coerced me into an eye doctor appointment before he left. Watching me adjust my glasses to read the computer was driving him crazy. Four hundred dollars later, I was given a new prescription and ordered new glasses. A bonus for my money was that I finally found an ophthalmologist that wasn’t intimidated by the complexity of my vision problems and explained them clearly to my son. She also understood the vestibular integration dysfunction. The last ophthalmologist seemed to panic and walked away when I mentioned it. We now have a plan of action to deal with the droopy eye that clearly interferes with my field of vision. She has pictures to prove it when I finally get medical insurance next year.

The next morning my son drove my car to the airport and I waited for daylight to drive home. I don’t know about you, but I need GPS to get in or out of any airport. It can be very stressful so I stopped for breakfast on the way back. The rest of the plan was to visit the Fabric Depot in Portland. It’s 17 miles from my house so I rarely go unless there is a class to take or a much-needed supply. If you are a fabricaholic like me, this is like going to heaven. There is over 1.5 acres of fabric, not to mention all the rest of the goodies. This stop was to find a better stabilizer for my lace ornaments. What I had on hand, left me frustrated with the results. I did get it on sale and learned something new in the process. The kind clerk educated me in the art of downloading their mailer to my smartphone and not printing it out. You just show them the mailer on your phone and bingo, discount. I was also looking for extra large spools of shiny rayon thread for the lace but inventory was taking place and none were to be found. I’ll only get it on sale.

So far the only lace snowflake to turn out decent.

So far the only lace snowflake to turn out decent.

Portland, OR version of snowflakes this morning.

Portland, OR version of snowflakes this morning.

My plan this year has been to get healthy. That requires order in my home. So I started giving away everything I didn’t want in my fridge or cupboards. My daughter took a lot to work to pass on. A stop by the grocery that morning after filling the gas tank, brought home plenty of fresh fruits and veggies. I cooked up lots of lean meat patties that are now frozen and spaghetti sauce, portioned into individual containers to go over spaghetti squash noodles. I’m all set to combat the munchies. On the occasions that I go out to eat, which I truly enjoy, half of my meal always comes home so I get two for the price. That included breakfast.

The rest of the week has been spent cleaning, doing laundry and putting things back after the wonderful holiday with my children. A little at a time but I think I’m making progress. Wish I could say the same thing about my lace snowflakes. My motto this week in addition to learn something new every day is “I’ll get there yet”. How are you doing with your plan, resolution, or goal?

“People often say motivation doesn’t last. Neither does bathing — that’s why we recommend it daily.” Zig Ziglar ~ Motivational author and speaker

From my heart to yours,
Marlene Herself

In Search of Organization

I had another blog written but it just didn’t seem to want to be posted. I finally figured out why. I’m not ready to tackle the subject of focus when things are still so disorganized.

I’ve been in my wonderful little apartment for a whole week and things are finally starting to take shape. Even though I still have to work a bit and rest a bit, little by little, I’m finding the floor. Almost all the boxes I allowed brought up to the apartment are unpack and I’ve found things I haven’t seen in 2 years, as in my rag time quilt that has been carefully wrapped around antique lamps. I didn’t waste space with bubble wrap if I could help it.

I’m a typical Virgo and abhor clutter. I also have a lot of stuff for indulging in my creative endeavors and that creates clutter. What I want most is to have the clutter organized and that takes time and work. What’s the point of organizing? When you spend 20 minutes looking for something, it kills the flow of creativity. I’m still looking for the hammer I brought up from the garage this afternoon. What a waste of time.

My sister wanted me to go into an organizing/cleaning business with her. We were both raised by the same German mother, military father where clean and organized were a requirement. With four children in our house we still passed the white glove inspection every time we moved out of base housing. Through the years, I have become a bit more relaxed and my sister has become a bit more fastidious. She’s a minimalist that wants to toss everything and I’m the crafter that wants to use everything. We are both getting a little stiff in the knees to be doing all that hard cleaning and I may not have that much energy anymore except to help once in a while.

In order to bring order into this new space, I have to find a way to replace the organizational tools I’ve left behind because they no longer worked for me. This week, my daughter and I made a trip to a building supply place and found a beautiful sheet of plywood (on sale) and they kindly sliced the 4×8 sheet lengthwise for me. I have no power tools… yet. Then we found a reclaimed building supply place that takes donated unwanted fixtures. We found four small cabinets with drawers at a yard sale price, that will bring the plywood tops to just the correct height for sewing or crafting. I really need a big project in the middle of this move like I need a hole in my head, but without it, I can’t get organized. Organization makes creativity flow easier and better. Everything needs a home. My home will be so much happier and creatively productive when everything in it finds its home.

Right now my bedroom dresser is holding up the TV and it’s paraphernalia in the living room. My t-shirts miss it. I have no desk so that will be the next project. You can see where my priorities lie. I found stamps in the sewing room today so I’ve designated one drawer in the dresser will hold them along with pads and pens until the desk becomes manifest.

Up-cycling is fun and another way to be creative. There are still no chairs for my ugly, second-hand, drop-leaf, pretend dining room table that doubles as a cutting table for fabric. I paid $10.00 for it and have used it for over 10 years. That’s up-cycling at its best. Chairs will appear later from somewhere, when I need them. o

I’ll take pictures of the sewing/craft table when it’s done. I’ve never done this sort of project on my own before so it’s both exciting and terrifying. Are you the carefree or the organized type? Always open to great tips and ideas.

“Clutter-clearing is modern-day alchemy.” ~ Denise Linn

From my heart to yours,