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Bumper stickers

I’ve collected a few bumper stickers but I never put them on my car. No one on the road is interested in my philosophy. They just want me to get out of their way so they can go faster. I am not a slow driver in the fast lane and I don’t, for the most part, drive in the slow lane. On the road as well as in life, I tend to go with the flow to some degree. I will take a stand about something I believe in and if you are going too slow in the fast lane, I’ll find a way around you, carefully and with consideration. They won’t let me install a lift mechanism on the front of my car to move you physically so I have to do a mind meld.


My favorite

My sister puts lots of bumper stickers on her truck. She has a lot to say to the world. I love reading bumper stickers, but many make people want to hammer the vehicle or smack the driver on the back of the head and ask what is wrong with them. You know that feeling. Of course, I restrain myself because we are all going to see things from a different perspective. I’ll be nice to you even if yours is wrong.

An extension of my sister.



My license plate frame says “A creative mind is never tidy”. I really need that hanging from my front door to let people know what to expect if they decide to enter my home. Bumper stickers tell people a lot about you. Maybe more than you want them to know or is safe for them to know about you. I keep them for my own reference about who I am in case I get lost some days. I will never put anything derogatory towards anyone or anything out there. There is enough hate without adding even a slice of it to the world.


My beliefs are quite strong, and I’ve done my research. I’m sure everyone else feels the same way about theirs. I can hang my views in my home for all who enter to see. I do not want to start an argument or a debate. My verbal skills are too limited to make many understand my perspective. I also have a great deal of difficulty with confrontation of any nature. My sister is the brave one in our family.

All I fully understand is that whatever view I hold, it will always come from a place of caring and kindness. Nothing else matters. So I’m sharing some of my bumper stickers here where the only thing that can be hurt are my feelings and I’ll get over that quick enough. I still like to be mostly invisible on the road. My Angels have learned to move very quickly and keep the police radar guns aimed elsewhere.

Do you proudly display your bumper stickers or do you slide under the radar in traffic?

From my heart to yours,

Marlene Herself

In Search of Quotes

I have been trying hard to catch up with reading of the blogs I follow. I’m outnumbered but still don’t want to miss any as they all leave me with something special.

Lately several bloggers have asked if I would be interested in posting three quotes in three days. It should be a simple request. I collect quotes. My refrigerator is covered with them. I live by quotes. My Pinterest boards have multitudes and my document files have several pages of quotes from every manner of subject. How the heck can I pare them down to three?


Just a few

Just a few

It would take hours to go through them to see which one is my favorite and that’s like sending me down the Pinterest rabbit hole. My head won’t look up for hours and I don’t have hours.

The first one that asked was The Thoughts and Life of Me. She is a lovely young woman who lives in Norway and writes her blog in English. Can I write mine in any other language? Not likely. I love her view of life from where she is and she’s kind enough to take us traveling with her. Her blog is delightful and refreshing.

Then there was The Contented Crafter who inspires me with every post. She was kind enough to pick up the baton and not tag anyone specifically but hinted kindly. We have very similar philosophies on life. When I start to wander off course, Pauline will gently guild me back where I’m wanting to go. Her furry family and some of her real family keep everyone amused.

Then Charles French who had nominated me for a couple of awards got on the quote wagon. I just didn’t have the time and energy to accept this summer. It’s been the most full summer I’ve had in YEARS! His blog helps all of us write a lot better and is so thoroughly entertaining at the same time.

I tried putting quotes at the end of my posts for a while. Finding relevant quotes was always a challenge. I use them a lot when someone I love has a problem.  They wonder why they are in so much pain and why bad things happen. I’ve traveled this world widely and met thousands of people. I’ve yet to meet someone who hasn’t suffered something.  It set me in search of answers. I found that hard to answer until I read the following quote by Rumi.

Does this make sense to you in any way?

The wound is the place where the Light enters you.”

From my heart to yours,
Marlene Herself