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In Search of Quotes

I have been trying hard to catch up with reading of the blogs I follow. I’m outnumbered but still don’t want to miss any as they all leave me with something special.

Lately several bloggers have asked if I would be interested in posting three quotes in three days. It should be a simple request. I collect quotes. My refrigerator is covered with them. I live by quotes. My Pinterest boards have multitudes and my document files have several pages of quotes from every manner of subject. How the heck can I pare them down to three?


Just a few

Just a few

It would take hours to go through them to see which one is my favorite and that’s like sending me down the Pinterest rabbit hole. My head won’t look up for hours and I don’t have hours.

The first one that asked was The Thoughts and Life of Me. She is a lovely young woman who lives in Norway and writes her blog in English. Can I write mine in any other language? Not likely. I love her view of life from where she is and she’s kind enough to take us traveling with her. Her blog is delightful and refreshing.

Then there was The Contented Crafter who inspires me with every post. She was kind enough to pick up the baton and not tag anyone specifically but hinted kindly. We have very similar philosophies on life. When I start to wander off course, Pauline will gently guild me back where I’m wanting to go. Her furry family and some of her real family keep everyone amused.

Then Charles French who had nominated me for a couple of awards got on the quote wagon. I just didn’t have the time and energy to accept this summer. It’s been the most full summer I’ve had in YEARS! His blog helps all of us write a lot better and is so thoroughly entertaining at the same time.

I tried putting quotes at the end of my posts for a while. Finding relevant quotes was always a challenge. I use them a lot when someone I love has a problem.  They wonder why they are in so much pain and why bad things happen. I’ve traveled this world widely and met thousands of people. I’ve yet to meet someone who hasn’t suffered something.  It set me in search of answers. I found that hard to answer until I read the following quote by Rumi.

Does this make sense to you in any way?

The wound is the place where the Light enters you.”

From my heart to yours,
Marlene Herself

In Search of an End to the Rabbit Hole

Help, I’ve fallen and I can’t get out!! I had no idea there was a magical rabbit hole here in cyber space. I’m an old woman and I should have zero interest in all things computer, but my word, there is so much wonderful stuff here.

I sent my sister-in-law, (late first ex-husband’s sister) who I adore because she makes me laugh, a reprimand. How dare she post all this interesting stuff on Facebook from a site called Pinterest. It took me a couple weeks to figure out how it worked but as I said earlier this week, I’m tenacious if nothing else. Now I almost have the hang of it and there are five or six tabs open at once to see all the sites each person has set up. I am so hooked. It’s been like an explosion of fireworks in my laptop.

I’ve had way too much time on my hand this week and couldn’t do much writing because the antibiotics and pain meds made me stupid. Don’t say it, that’s not being nice! Who ever heard of a stone in a saliva gland and it’s on the Bells Palsy side. It’s adding insult to injury. Not only does that side of my face not move, it looks as though it has the mumps on that side. So that set me down for a while and the rabbit hole ride began.

Pinterest is like doing a vision board on your computer and instead of having to cut up hoards of magazines, you just borrow pictures from other Pinterest users. Not sure how they got the pictures there in the first place. That’s the next challenge. I’m not the only one out there that likes the Country Cottage look or tea cups and accessories. There are others with the same fascination for Crazy Quilting though I have yet to finish my first one. It’s in storage with all my sewing and crafting materials waiting on me to be well enough to get back to it.

I can look at all kinds of quotes and cards and crafting ideas as well as fashion, decorating, gardening and the list goes on. I can list my all-time favorite movies and books. I found out about some I had not heard of like a book on blogging techniques. I posted my favorite animal rescue website there so more people can see it, hopefully feeding more shelter animals. If you can imagine it, someone has a picture to pin. The categories are endless.

There are even more blog sites there for me to look up. Not that I haven’t run down the rabbit hole with that one already. A blogger comments on my blog so I go read theirs and am fascinated enough to follow their blog and they recommend others. Next thing I know I’ve been sitting at the computer for 3 or 4 hours reading all this stuff with 15 tabs open on my browser. I have learned more in the past few months than in the past 10 years. I have to admit, I’m never bored.

Truthfully though, I would like to meet all these interesting people in person and have a conversation about all the things we are mutually interested in. I have been grateful to have my computer while I recover (and I will, contrary to what the doctor I saw last week said) but I miss human interaction. Bells Palsy, divorce and 4 moves in the last 2 ½ years have made my world considerably smaller. Writing class was a great start at enlarging it and soon I’ll be well enough to take on more classes so I can have more conversations. I hope to meet you on Pinterest someday and we can share our vision boards. I’m curious. What sends you down a rabbit hole?

Happy virtual vision boarding.

From my heart to yours,