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I was wondering (though I knew the answer deep down) why I was so tired all the time and feeling like someone had pulled my plug from the current?

In the last nine months, I have fixed up my home of seven years and put it on the market to sell. The house sold and there was more work. Packing, purging, making arrangements for a life that I could not see in my minds eye. Then there was a month-long trip to Germany during winter and Covid. Finally, there was the possibility of a new landing spot far from my friends and familiar surroundings.

The last three months have been about settling into a place I really didn’t want to be in but decided it was probably for the best and turning out better than I’d imagined. It has required new health care protocol, trying to make new friends, and deal with entirely different weather and living conditions.

In essence, I have given birth to a whole new life in the last nine months. A lot work went into creating it so it’s time to take a good look my life now and claim it.

Running in circles leaves no air for me.

I realized I had become habituated to eating what was cheap and easy. Is that who I am? A cheap, easy addict? So, I decided to take charge of this new life I’ve birthed and feed it properly. I’ve been gradually increasing the length and intensity of my walks as I’ve become slightly more acclimated to the altitude of 6300 ft. I fasted for a few days and then continued with a healthy low carb lifestyle for the duration.

The hardest part of this new life? Giving up being cheap and easy. The interesting part is the cough has quieted and my creative energy is returning after allowing myself extra resting time. The apartment is still more cluttered than I’d like but things are still on the move here. Mostly out the door. My new sofa and chair may arrive this month but I know better than to have expectations.

First project in the new sewing room. A gift

I finally found my essential sewing tools packed in odd places and am beginning to start sewing again. My very first projects were gifts, as it should be and I tried something new for fun. I’ve attended two card making classes at the Senior Center. Had a very good time but will not succumb to another expensive hobby.

Back shows embroidery stitching better

I have been able to cat/house sit for the kids three times since I’ve been here. Change of pace for me and a way to give back a bit for all they do to help me. Gracie is now an official curmudgeon and Sonar a tormenting toddler.

Have you ever given birth to a new idea, project or lifestyle? Were there labor pains in the process?

Every day may not be good, but there is something good in every day. ~Alice Morse Earle

From my heart to yours,

Marlene Herself