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In Search of a Gift

Today is my birthday. I don’t make a big deal out of it. It’s one more and I’m grateful for each of them. I make it hard on my family because there is nothing I need or really want. I have an abundance of everything.

But this year I’ve given myself a gift. I hope it works out the way I planned it. You know how it is with plans.

Thanks again to the lovely sender of this gift. It's given again with the photo

Thanks again to the lovely sender of this gift. It’s given again with the photo


Today I’m hoping for the gift of greater vision. Literally. Well, maybe figuratively as well. I opted to ask for an eyelid lift. Only one eyelid. Genetically, I have heavy hooded lids anyway. Thanks Dad.

The eye that is still paralyzed from the Bells is the one I see with. The other eye works, sort of, but not well enough to read on its own. It would help me find my way out of a burning building so I take care of it too. It’s not paralyzed. The insurance approved this surgery because the lid was seriously in my field of vision.

I got this done in the office with a local. I’m back home again where I won’t be doing much looking for a while. I’ll have to sit quietly and let it heal. Not sure I know how to do that. This is not about vanity. It’s merely a practical need. At the end of the day, I can’t get the eye to stay open far enough to see the computer or sew. I can watch some TV but mostly, I listen to it in the background.

Before the surgery. I won't gross you out with the recent after.

Before the surgery. I won’t gross you out with the recent after.


It did burn a bit when the doc put in the anesthesia and will be quite uncomfortable for a few days. Anyone who volunteers to do this for vanities sake is a stronger person than I. I’m not allowed to paint or work hard for the next 2 weeks. Darn. I’ll have time to read blogs. I hope. If you don’t hear from me, I’m busy healing and can’t read very much. So my wish for this year is more vision any way you slice it. I kept hoping it would heal on its own but that’s not happening fast enough. I’ve waited almost 6 years. This is it. Keep your fingers crossed.

Image from truly graphics.com

Image from truly graphics.com


Have you ever given yourself a special birthday gift?

From my heart to yours,

Marlene Herself