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A Case of the Snizzles

I had some down time today. Since my birthday I was feeling rather odd and worn, so after all the well-wishing had been completed, I put myself to bed early as I rarely feel under the weather. Why now? I guess getting older required a bit more contemplative time than doing time. I was ready. So I took a box of tissue and several (dozen) large hardy paper towels to my bed and read, sneezed and sleep. I think it’s a great way to spend the Labor Day weekend.

My son had just left with the car loaded inside and out with tools he needed for the work he’s doing in Arizona. Before leaving this time, he completed a few more little projects here. We thought the pump had gone out on the fountain he had just wired up. Turned out the outlet was bad and needed to be replaced. He put up two more rods in the front bedrooms because I had acquired some free curtains from my daughter.

He also helped me put the completed china cabinet back together. I was racing to get it done before he arrived just for that reason. We also retrieved my boxes of tea cups from storage so they could finally be home again. I have wanted to redo this piece of furniture since my sister decided it wasn’t a piece she wanted. Our parents bought it for their first home in 1966 and only our dad really liked the style. But good furniture is hard to find. Solid wood is now rare. I’ve never been a fan of painting wood but this piece was so heavy-looking that I just felt like lightning it up. I have a lot of white in my home now as my vision needs things that reflect light rather than diminish it.

I also seriously underestimated the amount of work this would take. The back had to come off to get to the inside. It took a while to get it off alone without toppling the cabinet off the cutting table that was on wheels. I also found out that I could not clear the back door frame, so it had to be painted in the kitchen. The bottom part of the cabinet I put on a towel and pulled it outside. Only needing to lift over the threshold. Later, I will show you the other projects that have been completed but this one deserves its own post. Some liked the end result, some didn’t. I’m quite happy with it and until I’m not, it shall remain as is.

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Note the bright red hardware my daughter thought would be a nice choice in the dining room. Good Feng Shui says that since it’s in the fame area of my home, pops of red are recommended. I want to be known for my hospitality. You are always welcome to tea.

Some rearranging still needs to be done but they are back where they belong.

Some rearranging still needs to be done but they are back where they belong.

You can cast your vote either way. I’m always open to new ideas. Please share your thoughts as well as projects you’ve been working on.

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