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Tech Support

Where in the world would we be without good tech Support in this high tech age? My heart goes out to those who don’t have it available to them. I am blessed to have both of my children turn out a little techy. They got it from their grandma, my mother. My youngest brother was tech support for her. I don’t remember exactly when she got her first computer but I’m sure it was well before I finally got one. Mom took classes at the adult school and the senior center to stay current with technology. I have done the same to learn new programs and how to finesse them. Mom also liked to get the newest updated technology as often as possible.


Inge alone

Would you guess she was a techno geek?

Since my post a couple of weeks ago, my damaged laptop arrived at my son’s. He is working to resurrect it with a new hard drive. He sent a laptop that was in the back of a closet for me to use while I waited for the repair. It worked for slightly more than an hour before doing a tab dance without music. If I could show you the gyrations it performed all on it’s own, you would probably give it a 10. It took all I had to click the cursor quickly enough to shut it down as the cursor was having a party all it’s own. Trying to work with my tablet was not an easy task. I’ve been advised to purchase an external wireless keyboard for it and may soon. In the meantime,  Tech Support (my son) had me log on to the laptop he sent and quickly before it started dancing again, download a remote operating program. Once I had that accomplished, he quickly signed on and took control. Within minutes the laptop was working perfectly. A few adjustments later, I’m pretty much back in business.

Eric's laptops

Tech support at work. There are more computers in the office. Gracie’s waiting to play.

Why has it taken me so long to get back to you? You know the rules don’t you? Everything comes in threes! I had an old friend come to visit. It’s been a year and a half since our last visit when I went to see her and right after leaving her little dog pulled her over causing  head and body injuries that left her in rehab for several months. I made only one plan for our time together and figured we’d wing it from there.  All went well through lunch and dinner time until after we put on our cozies for bed. An infection causing extreme pain surfaced quickly and I was looking for an emergency room at 10 pm. I am again grateful for our current technology as without GPS we might still be trying to find it. I don’t drive at night due to vision limitations but somehow, we arrived safely and I guarantee I’m not sure I could find it now.

My friend finally got well enough with medication and much sleep to make it to Fabric Depot. As the quilter who got me started down this addictive path, an acre of fabric and notions is like visiting the chocolate shop. They have electric scooters for those who can’t make it on foot. I heard a lot of exclamatory comments as she motored through.

fabric depot

Just the beginning of the fun

The next morning there was a phone call at 6 am. Family had been trying to reach her but we have poor cell reception here. There was a family tragedy. After getting grounded enough to take care of business, she changed her flight and headed back to deal with all that is laying ahead. Every time I think my life is harder than it needs to be, I look around and someone else is having a tougher time. This was one problem Tech Support couldn’t fix but he could give me moral support as I gave some to my friend.  Life is strange and challenging.

How are you fixed for tech support?


From my heart to yours,

Marlene Herself


In Search of Versatility

I have received something I was not expecting. The Versatile Blogger award from Lisa Reiter at Sharing the Story. I am so very appreciative. Thank you Lisa. It’s taken me longer than expected to finish this blog.  Please bare with me a moment. As it happened, I finally gave in and called in tech support. (my son)

I have been nominated several times by several different bloggers for awards but unfortunately, I turned them down. Not because I wasn’t appreciative, but because I couldn’t figure out how to get them onto my blog page.

I’m in my mid 60’s (leaning a little to the far end here) and I work hard to keep up with technology. I can get a bit annoyed when folks my age say they have no need to learn new things. They hate technology. Same mentality that was present when cars were introduced during the horse and buggy era. We are not going backwards folks, no matter how much we miss the “good old days”. (Count me out on that one.)

I get a new laptop every 3 or 4 years and yes, I still swear at Windows 8. Please, someone fix it. I have a smart phone, know how to text, e-mail and use my GPS. I think it’s fun to learn new things. My motto has always been “if I don’t learn something new everyday, close the lid”. Yesterday, I learned to do a wire transfer over the internet. Whoo Hooo! Money all gone now! Today I’m going to learn how to paste the award on my blog courtesy of Lisa Reiter. Lisa did what I want to do and was exploring new blogs. She read many of mine and decided I was a candidate for the Versatile Blogger Award. Thank you so much Lisa. Again, I am honored.


Now comes the fun part. The instructions are:

1. Thank the person who gave you this award.versatile-blogger
2. Include a link to their blog.
3. Next, select 15 excellent blogs/bloggers that you’ve recently discovered or follow regularly.
4. Nominate those 15 bloggers for the Versatile Blogger Award – include a link to this site.
5. Finally, tell the person who nominated you 7 things about yourself.

This is not going to be easy but I have to try. Lisa made it so easy and also connected me with Sandra Bellamy at Quirkybooks to walk me through the process to get the image onto the blog. You just meet the nicest people on blogs!

So here are the Blogs I nominate as they have so many different things to educate and entertain:

1. Willow-Marie.real.
2. grevilleacorner
3. Living Simply Free
4. Gardening Nirvana
5. To Breathe is to Write
6. A View From My Summerhouse
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11. What’s Green with Betsy?!?
12. pam grout
13. Writing Is My Drink
14. Eye-Dancers
15. The Garden Diaries

Now comes the hard part. List 7 things about myself. It seems easier when I respond to lists someone else comes up with. Things I can relate to, others not. So here is my attempt.

1. I have, but never want to start my day without a cup of coffee. (or two)
2. As much as I enjoy the company of people, I require a great deal of quiet, alone time.
3. I’m a collector of wayward fabric, books of every sort, butterflies and Angels
4. My favorite place in the world is a bookstore or a library. If it has food or coffee attached, so much the better.
5. I have moved 34 times in my life that I can remember. This month will be number 35. I think I’m done.
6. Most people don’t know that I’m terrified of them and struggle to make friends.
7. I love being older. It’s the best time of my life and I’m enjoying every tippy minute of it.

Thank you for reading and for the hours of education and entertainment you’ve given. I would like to read more blogs and as soon as the unpacking is complete and the boxes burned, (not literally). I will then settle in to widen my horizons.

From my heart to yours,
Marlene Herself

In Search of Leo’s Market

Last week in writing class we were asked to write a childhood memory. Easy enough it would seem. I kept trying to think of a funny memory, but I was a very serious small person.

The first memory that popped into my head was when I was 5 years old. We lived over Leo’s Market. It was my first American home and where I first met the rest of my American family. It was there I learned to use the English I understood but never spoke and where my sister was born. My mother essentially brought home my first child. I doted on her. Changing, feeding and entertaining her were my favorite things to do when I wasn’t at kindergarten.

I wanted background for the story. Starting a search on the internet for where we lived at the time, I’d come up empty without an exact address. You have to understand I’ve moved well over 30 times and most of the moves were before I was 30. It’s hard for me to remember all those addresses.

I went to the only person I thought might still have that information, my dad’s youngest sister. She is older than me by a year and a half. Though our communication is sporadic, she is the one family member I kept in touch with regularly. So I sent an e-mail and prayed she would read it. She isn’t fond of technology. Computers are not her friend, but she does have a cell phone. I didn’t hear from her in time to write my story for class so I had to come up with some other adventure.

My interest was still piqued and when she called me one morning I was pleasantly surprised. She told me her daughter help send a return e-mail with the address I wanted. After a long catching up chat, I finished my planting and other chores before finally getting to my laptop.

That’s when the fun really began. With the address pasted onto Google, I was able to find where her home had once been. It’s now a vacant lot. How sad that was for me. I wanted to see where my American grandparents had once lived because my young memory had not stored it well. As the Google map turned the corner, there it was! Unmistakable even in its current condition stood the two-story brick building that had once been Leo’s Market in Kansas City, Missouri. We lived upstairs on the side with a porch that often held my sister in her carriage, getting fresh air.

As my son showed me how to navigate the toggles, I got a clear view of the apartment and saved the image. Leo’s is now a bakery with writing underneath the sign in a foreign language that I cannot read. The magic that was once Leo’s Market where I could go alone and pick up things for my mother, getting free penny candy just for my smile is no longer there. Leo and his wife were kind to us in spite of our language barrier. Now I have an actual photo of an indelible memory. What a treasure that is for my sister and me!

The memory and the photo are only part of the prize. The other part was for me, the success of the hunt. When I talked to my aunt, she lamented about her lack of computer skills and stated that she was too old to learn anything new. I have heard that so often from my generation. Baby boomers have seen more changes in the world than most generations before them. We are responsible for so many of the wonderful things that have made our lives so technologically helpful. How can we be too old to learn? I learned something new yesterday and today and plan to learn something new tomorrow.

I like to ask dumb questions. I learned to use the “Paint” program while editing the photo to send to my sister so she could see where she was born. Last night my son walked me through how to copy VHS to DVD on a machine I bought. Now I can do it on my own. I have a huge box full of old family movies to get copied when I finally get my own place. I love technology almost as much as I love words. Though I still keep a handwritten journal and the notebook that lives in my bed, I truly am grateful that I can sit in my living room, find my old homestead that is a thousand miles away and write a story about it on my laptop. Can it get any better than that?

My own baby sister has ADHD and sitting at the computer trying to understand the workings is so very hard for her. I’m sure part of the problem is she doesn’t have my wonderful, geeky kids to keep her on her toes. Our mother went through computers like most kids go through shoes. Bigger, better and faster was her motto.

There are other things to be good at and not everyone needs to be computer savvy but it sure makes things interesting. Dad was only interested in the mechanical end of things. I still don’t think anyone is too old to learn something new. What’s your take on that?

“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.” ― Mahatma Gandhi

From my heart to yours,

Once upon a time this was Leo’s Market