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In Search of the Wonder of Christmas

In one week my son will be here to spend eighteen days with me. Christmas is for me, a season of gratitude and giving. I am the person that wants to keep decorations up all year and feel the wonder of connection to everyone. But alas, it’s frowned upon unless you have a Christmas store. Hmmm, there’s an idea.

We are fortunate that my niece lives just an hour away and has four beautiful daughters, so we will have her little ones to bestow our love and gifts of time upon.

My tiny, skinny tree is up. Since I live in an apartment building, for fire safety, I have opted for artificial. Do you know you can pick up a nice one at the thrift store then donate it back at the end of the season. No storage of a bulky tree. I was at my son’s last year so I didn’t need a tree. This year’s tree is similar to the last one I had. It fits nicely in the small space. Twenty year old ornaments bring that familiar feel to each tree. My ex and I gave up real trees when we couldn’t get the last one to stay standing. It fell over three times before we nailed it to the floor and wired it to the wall. The artificial tree we bought after that lasted 20 years before I donated it. Odd, we never had another Christmas together in that house. Hmmm.

So here’s my tiny tree and a few of my favorite decorations. I didn’t bring out everything this year. My heart just wasn’t in it.

It fits nicely in the corner

It fits nicely in the corner

I made the tree skirt a few years ago when I could sew. It was fun and festive. There are several more waiting to be finished if I ever stop moving.

Heart shaped tree skirt

Heart shaped tree skirt

As you can see, I have a very old Christmoose keeping an eye on the tree as well as Mrs. Claus. She’s not done with her baking so I have no idea why she’s taking such a long break.

Christmoose checking out the tree

Christmoose checking out the tree

Mrs Claus taking a much-needed break

Mrs Claus taking a much needed break

What is it that brings the wonder of the season to you? For me it’s never been about getting gifts. It’s about seeing the sparkle in the eye of the receiver. It’s the smell of cookies, banana and pumpkin breads baking for the delivery people. It’s in the simple joys of family and friends sharing a meal. Every year brings some new addition to tradition.

“Remember, if Christmas isn’t found in your heart, you won’t find it under a tree.”
~ Charlotte Carpenter.

From my heart to yours
Marlene Herself