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In Search of Bison » bottle bee hive

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  1. That is so cool!


    • I learned a lot about the mason bees too. I want to make a place for them soon. I’m giving tech support a whole list of projects. Poor guy. Thought he had it easy here. Ha ha. :)))


      • 🙂 Something tells me tech support is doing just fine.

        I have a book on Mason bees. We bought a little ‘house’ for them several years ago. I didn’t see any activity so assumed the little habitat didn’t attract them. Then I took a photo, zoomed in, and low and behold, almost all the tubes were full! They’re stealth bees, nesting while no one was looking. I’ll have to remember to write a post.


      • They were nesting in the tubing under my patio chairs so we had to cover them with towels to discourage them. That’s why I want to build them a place. Homes for the homeless.:)


      • Oh, how interesting. I guess the good news is that they don’t usually sting, but who wants to risk their keister when you sit for a spell on the patio? Not me!

        I love that: homes for the homeless. Too bad we can’t scale that to the real world.


      • My thoughts exactly. Unfortunately, many of the homeless can’t abide a home. Their mental illnesses won’t allow their confinement. I still think there are better solutions for them than turning a blind eye.


      • I agree. And many of them can’t abide four walls because of mental illness. We need to fix that, too.

        We also need to treat our vets better when they return home. I’m tired of hearing the trite phrase ‘support our troops’. They’re just words. We need policy changing, funding and a better attitude. Jumping off my soapbox now. I think it’s a crying shame.


      • I’m standing on the box right next to you. I could tell you some stories. 😦 My dad was a lifer and kids dad did 3 years during Vietnam. Changes people.


      • I can’t imagine anyone come home from that experience without profound changes. They don’t all settle in at once, either, hence the term post-traumatic. You’ve lived it first hand. That must have been a tough road.

        Thanks for joining me on the box. Sorry we have to be there. xox



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