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I’ve tried all week but there seems to be no end to my cave dwelling. Trying to understand why I couldn’t get anything accomplished brought me to the realization that I’ve been a human doing, not a human being for so long that I need time to refuel. The last four months have been quite taxing. Oh, gosh, that’s coming up too. So, giving myself permission to stop, rest and continue to heal all those damaged nerves in my face and head, takes a great deal discipline.

I’m also coming off sugar and refined carbs. When the munchies encroach on my space too close to the kitchen, I retreat to the cave for protection. Once there, I have no desire to go foraging. It’s a warm and cozy drawing me in some evenings as early as 7:00 p.m. I will read till at least 10, hoping to find peaceful sleep at the end. It works unless a neighbor decides to slam a door or take a shower at 11 p.m. These old buildings are not well insulated.

So, now you will discover my odd reading habits. On rare occasion do I read start to finish. That’s part of why I don’t borrow from the library. Some stories want to be savored for as long as possible. Other books, mostly my non-fiction, require a bit of digestion after each chapter. Can’t rush learning. I also keep several notebooks handy. One is my gratitude journal that I write in immediately after crawling into the cave, the other is my writing and thoughts notebook. Some nights I wake up with something that just has to be written now or lost. I rarely buy magazines anymore but this week I found a couple that wouldn’t stay on the shelf. They just followed me home.


Here is what is sleeping in my bed this week. I read a chapter of each until I get to the mystery. The one here is an excellent second to the first of the series. I read three chapters last night but still trying to make it last. I’ll end my day with something inspirational to stay in my mind as I sleep.

books in bed

I took this old canvas bag apart to experiment on it after having my sewing machine serviced. I take it with me to try to start conversations whenever possible. Not that many people read anymore and I’m looking for slightly different reading material than many I come across. I have more room for books in my bed since my little dog is no longer taking that space.

book bag

Do you have books in your bed too? Or is it a furry friend? Maybe you just have people partners and your books must reside elsewhere. What are you reading these days?

My furry friend Schatzie sorely missed.

My furry friend Schatzie sorely missed.

“A room without books is like a body without a soul.”Marcus Tullius Cicero

From my heart to yours,
Marlene Herself

Comments on: "In Search of What to Read" (12)

  1. I, too, mainly stick with non-fiction. I’m currently reading 5 books about fashion. When they invent the 36 hour day I may have a shot at finishing them 😉


  2. I’m sorry you are without Schatzie, the love of a faithful furry friend is a joy. I looked thru that ‘Creative Spaces’ one at to book store too, it looked like a good one. I just read ‘A Cat Named Bob’, written by an english fellow who had a difficult street life and adopts a homeless cat. Together they have adventure and help each other thru. It was really great (true story). In between I look at various crafty mags or old issues of home mags that I can’t seem to part with.


    • I’ll have to check out “A Cat Named Bob”. I love true stories. I can’t have a pet right now and definitely not a cat. My daughter is allergic and I would miss her. Apartment life isn’t ideal for a dog. I have enough magazines to build the walls of a small house. Mostly craft, painting and writing magazines. I’d give up food before the books. If I don’t find a house by the summer, my craft supplies will come out of the garage and take over the dining room. I don’t have a table and chairs anyway.:)


  3. I love to read, and fit it in whenever possible. I have a stash of magazines next to the bathtub and enjoy reading and a long soak. I keep a book going in the car for times when I have a wait for my son, and usually something on the night stand. Of course reading blogs, like yours, gives me great pleasure, too.

    I just finished 1222 and I’m about o start Gone Girl for our book club.


  4. Thanks for letting me camp out in your blog for a little while today. I had a great time and tried to leave my campsite as good as when I arrived. I’ll be back in a couple of weeks!


  5. willowmarie said:

    I love that quote- am reading some very dry academic works these days but will be looking for something soulful really soon!


    • Thanks Willowmarie. I liked it too. I too have to keep a variety of reading material at my fingertips. My son tells me he reads dry academic materials if he has trouble sleeping. Puts him right out. I have to read that in the mornings when my eyes and mind are fresh. Let me know what you find in the soulful department. Always looking for something new. I love talking books.



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