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The holidays are over, most of the trimmings put away. I say most because it’s so cold out, I can’t make myself go out to the garage to put the rest there. It’s hiding in a corner for now. When the rain comes back, so will the warm. Then the rest will go down.

I have noticed this week that I don’t want to do ANYTHING! I’ve straightened out the sewing room but can’t make myself work. My last trip to the market, I brought home a notebook and a package of those plastic sleeves to put my appliance manuals of every type in, so I no longer have to hunt for them. I also brought home a package of dots. I am using them to organize my books; red for those read, green for those waiting to be read and orange for reference. I have an extensive library and it’s literally a lending library. Everyone that comes by sees something they want to read and borrow. I will never be a person without a lot of books. There may be an empty fridge, and my clothes closet has plenty of room and most of my clothes are 15-20 years old. I have my priorities… and a spreadsheet. I have apologized to my children because that’s what they will inherit. They also have the same book gene.

The weeks after the holidays often leave me feeling a little bear-like. I think I know now why a bear hibernates. It’s cold outside. The electric heater is struggling to keep even the living room warm. I don’t heat the bedrooms. I really want to sit in my bed with the down comforter and snuggle in with a good book till spring. It’s cold and cave-like. I feel so guilty with so much sewing waiting for me. I didn’t even want to write my blog this week. The brain is in hibernation as well.  So, how long can I get away with this kind of behavior? Does anyone else feel like crawling into their cave and hibernating? I wonder if bears take a book into their cave.

Winter is the time of promise because there is so little to do – or because you can now and then permit yourself the luxury of thinking so. ~Stanley Crawford

From my heart to yours,
Marlene Herself

Comments on: "In Search of the Cave" (8)

  1. I’ve had the opposite reaction lately. I’m so glad the holidays are over and I’ve had a change to try to organize my time, my desk, my blog, you name it. Of course, I’m still so far behind I’ll never die – but I just keep going like a two year old that’s been mainlining sugar. I move a little slower than most folks, and I’m not getting any younger, but it makes me happy to forge ahead 😉


  2. I had a burst of energy when guest finally made it out and on their way home after Christmas, but now with the cold returning, coldest we’ve had so far, I am like you and would like to hibernate until the days are warm.

    I was also like you with my books, my collection was vast, I quit counting after reaching 200, and seeing no quick end in sight. My books were loaned out to so many people and I taught not only my children, but new members of the family (daughters-in-law, and grand children) how special books are. But after getting rid of all but a few and using the library I have found a happy place that feels right. If you are happy with your books, then they serve you well and should definitely stay.


    • I love librarys but can’t get there. No bus going that way that I know of and too cold for me to be out long. I look like a mummy all wrapped up in scarves around my head and face. The books will probably stay till they put me in a nursing home. I give lots away but Amazon keeps them coming. Very few novels, mostly non-fiction. Library is always full of books I’ve read. I want to read their magazines though. Won’t buy those. Keep warm.


  3. With the days getting longer, there is relief in site. It’s hard not to hibernate in the dark months, it’s in our DNA. I’ve been enjoying the craft room and even had the windows open the past couple of days because it warmed up to 8 C…47 F or so…wa-whoo


    • I think today I’ll turn on every light in this little place and pretend. The fog is so thick and it’s unusually cold. 47 sounds good to me. The sun came out for a couple of hours yesterday and every senior in 50 miles was at the grocery store just like me. I’m not complaining. The house I sold is having temps in the single digets and snow. 🙂 I’d enjoy your craft room too. So cheery. I’ll get there yet.


  4. I like to be upstairs where it is light and cheerful. But when the sun dips below the horizon — so early in the winter — I want to hunker down in our cave downstairs. We can watch a movie, have a glass of vino, or maybe play with computers or other hobbies. We actually do call it the cave. 🙂


    • Sounds like fun. We will see the sun again in the spring. It peeked at us for a few moments yesterday then said bye-bye. I’m solar powered and living in Portland, OR. Not the smartest choice but I have help here. When summer comes, everyone will complain about the heat. 🙂 But we don’t get much of that. I have to turn on all the lights and turn up the music to get my mojo going. Maybe today? Thanks for reading and the comment.


  5. I love to hibernate in the winter! My problem this year, (until yesterday) was there was no winter. I stay inside with a good book (any book really) and a cuppa and pretend that I don’t have anything to do. This fantasy lasts until the first child gets home from school. I also like to sew, but my sewing room is in the basement and it’s really cold and kind of dreary down there. When I am not doing, I am thinking, so I write down all the stuff I want to do when hibernation season is over. Sleep tight and Sweet Dreams! 🙂


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