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I have been struggling to find topics I want to share even though there is plenty going on. Some things are just not that interesting to others. You know what I mean. It’s when someone wants to tell you something that has been happening for them and it sounds like “waa, waa, waa” to your ears.

Last weekend my sister came to visit bringing her daughter and a friend. After a good visit, she wanted to go out for a light dinner. So we headed to Sweet Tomato’s, where we could each get what we liked. They went through the line first and I followed up the rear. After I paid for my meal, my sister returned to help me with my tray even though there is always someone working there who offers. Trays are awkward with the cane. She whispered that she had set us beside some interesting people.

As we started to approach our table in that very crowded restaurant, a group came directly at me with no way to go around. All I saw was an older woman with very white hair extending out from around her head in halo form, come face to face with me. She smiled and then reached up to me, planting a kiss right on my lips. Her face radiated pure joy in the most glowing, ethereal way. Her son, apparently, right behind her looked uncomfortable. She said something I do not remember but it spoke of happiness to see everyone. I looked at her and felt nothing but love so I offered a full hug. She was delighted to accept and I was warmly embraced. We stopped traffic for several moments. Her son thanked me, but I was the one who benefitted.

Apparently, she had Alzheimer’s. As my sister had pointed out, we were sitting right next to them. I’m sure she gave her family much to be concerned with, but, she left me with a different perspective on the noisy crowd that day. Through her eyes, I could delight in all the excitement of each moment watching everyone sharing their meals. She was looking at everything with such childlike delight and joy. I felt bathed in that Angelic light of love and joy. I basked in it for several days and still get overwhelmed at the memory of the experience.

Delightful moments come when you are least expecting them. I wish I could have taken a photo of her but I was too close and it would have probably caused some anxiety for her family. These are the snippets of life that secret their way to you, reminding you to appreciate the good with the difficult. Have you had snippets of joy when you weren’t expecting them? I certainly wish them for you.

From my heart to yours,
Marlene Herself

Comments on: "In Search of Snippets" (12)

  1. Oh, Marlene I’m not sure I would have handled that nearly as well. I have a problem letting people I don’t know touch me, but I can imagine how wonderful it would feel to just embrace what was given to you so freely from one who suffers to much.


    • I also, rarely want to be in a strangers personal space. This one felt divinely orchestrated. I think her family were the people suffering from the loss of the person they knew. She seemed blissfully unaware. Thanks for reading. Hugs,M


      • How hard Alzheimer’s is on families. I have few fears in life, losing my sight or my mind are tops, Losing my hearing would be hard to adjust to as well.


      • You’ve heard the statement “of all the things I’ve lost, I miss my mind the most” Well, Bells left me somewhat there the first 3 years. It wasn’t fun and I too am terrified of an extended version of it. I’ve been prepared to lose my sight since age 10 but lucked out. Not hearing music, a childs laugh or the sound of rain on the rooftops would be hard. That sweet woman didn’t know she had no mind. The stroke victim who knows is by far more frightening.I wouldn’t even wish it on my ex. We have so much to be grateful for in spite of some lumps. Hug those grandbabies. It’s good for your health. 🙂


      • You said it perfectly. I too was prepared to lose my sight at a young age, something the doctors thought might happen to me, the idea of not being able to read, craft, see what I was doing or what was in front of me was a huge concern. But like you said to lose our hearing, there would be no more laughter, sounds of nature, music…so much I enjoy. I think it would be hard to have a mind but not be able to do anything with it, but my fear would be to have Alzheimer and be a burden to others.


  2. What an awesome ‘snippet’ Marlene and bravo for taking the moment in a loving way. Another might have shied away from what they may interpret as uncomfortable and miss the innocent joy the woman shared with you.

    What comes to mind for me is a trip we made to the Mountains last year had us driving the back roads with friends looking for a pottery place. We arrived to an empty yard with a beautiful blonde lab to great us. He was so excited, tail wagging and ran circles around me hoping I would play. Of course I did. I miss having a dog so much, it was just awesome to see a big smile on his furry face. As I was running around the yard, thinking no one was home along came the Potter….”oh, hello! Don’t mind me, I’m just loving your dog!” LOL. I didn’t get any pottery that day, but I was given something better, the unexpected love of a new friend.


    • Thanks Kelly. It had an Angelic feel so I wouldn’t have backed away. Most animals give off the same energy and I love them all. I just finished a little paperback called “Angel Cats” by Allen & Linda Anderson. It’s a gift for someone who loves cats and I had to peak. Also a Chicken Soup book of cat stories. They are such a blessing to their people. I’ve been running into more snippets lately. I wish more of them for you too. Hugs, M


  3. JackieP said:

    Older people have always been drawn to me. So if something like that happened I think I would have taken it much like you did. Gave her a hug and a smile and felt great the rest of the night. People need to hug more and not worry who is looking. Sometimes the best moments come from the strangest circumstances. 🙂


  4. My husband’s Mom passed away almost a year ago…she had Alzheimer’s. I remember her finding such joy in the simplest of things. This is a lesson that we can all take to heart, and learn from. Thanks!


  5. Thanks for sharing this beautiful story and for the reminder to find joy in the simple things. Keep writing from the heart!



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