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I’ve had my glass of wine to celebrate. Only one tiny glass but enough to say “Yay!” I’ve been looking for a home in my area for almost two years now. I have a very tiny budget since I’m no longer married and have only Social Security and 1/12 of my ex’s pension. After 24 years of marriage that was quite a step back. We sold our house a year ago for what we paid for it 12 years prior and I got half the equity to invest. I promise, it wasn’t a lot but better than nothing at all.

Geraniums I planted at my son's 2 years ago. Fencing was to keep housemates dog from sleeping on them.

Geraniums I planted at my son’s 2 years ago. Fencing was to keep housemates dog from sleeping on them.

You know the thing about money sitting in the bank doing nothing? It seems to wander away like a child unattended. I have a tendency to want to be of help to those struggling and enjoy going out and seeing life from other perspectives. It was starting to dwindle as I was searching high and low for a home to purchase. With my meager budget, even a foreclosure was more than I could afford. By the time I purchased the home, I would have nothing left to bring one up to loveable standards. My standards are no longer all that high.

In my son's yard. Weeds have their place in nature. I'm looking forward to my own...ladybugs.

In my son’s yard. Weeds have their place in nature. I’m looking forward to my own…ladybugs.

All I wanted was a place to house myself and guests comfortably, a porch to invite neighbors to sit a spell and converse, and a garden area. The kitchen was inconsequential. Room for books and creativity were more important than food. I’d like to grow some of that food and composting is big on my list.

When I finally made peace with what I could afford and manage on my own as a senior citizen, the place popped up. It’s a manufactured home in a well-established and permanent park. I did my homework here. So many have been sold out from under residence that I had no desire to be caught in that fiasco. There are lots of rules about keeping homes up and cared for. It’s three miles from where I am now and the neighbors seem to keep an eye out for each other without getting in each others business. Yes, I checked that out too. No barking dogs at night and I’m at the back of the park backing up to forest with no one behind me.

Not my furniture yet. The front doors almost all face sideways. Not good Feng Shui but we will deal.

Not my furniture yet. The front doors almost all face sideways. Not good Feng Shui but we will deal.

The garden space is minimal but I’m in my later 60’s so that will be perfect. Just enough to do a little gardening and enjoy the nice covered porches. There is some work to do and I’m looking forward to making it my own. I looked at the photos of the Contented Crafter’s redo on her place and am very inspired by the fresh, clean, cheerful look of her place. I can only hope to achieve similarly cheerful results when all is said and done.

This is all the grassy area. The rest is terrace to the woods May lose the grass to planting.

This is all the grassy area. The rest is terrace to the woods May lose the grass to planting.

I’ve made my offer, and now waiting for all the paperwork to be finalized. Of course, I’ve seen sales fall apart at the last-minute, but I’m optimistic that all will go well. So it looks like I will be more than busy for the next month or so as I pack, unpack, paint, clean and clear out. It has always been my dream to own my own home that I had some say about. This is nothing fancy, but I’m looking forward to the peacefulness in this place that feels ever so healing.

I planted the mint but my son wasn't sure about the plant in the middle. Yes, it's a weed.

I planted the mint but my son wasn’t sure about the plant in the middle. Yes, it’s a weed.

My apartment was as good as they get. It was a wonderful apartment. The layout was perfect and location ideal. It’s served its purpose. I’ll miss the ducks wandering about most of all.

Do you dream of gardens in your sleep or hope for things that seem to have eluded your for oh, so long?

From my heart to yours,
Marlene Herself

Comments on: "In Search of a Garden" (16)

  1. Yay!!! congrats marlene!! I do hope the sale goes through fast for you. I know you have wanted your own home for a long time. I live in a mobile home too, moved from a large 3 bedroom house we could no longer afford, You can make it your own as long as you are patient and thrifty. I will be looking forward to the before and after pictures. 🙂 big hugs!


  2. Aha! Now I understand your message – thanks for the ping-back and congratulations on your achievement of your very own home!! The ‘backing up to a forest’ bit sounds heavenly. Decor is easy to modify, location is not – so it sounds as if you have the perfect situation! You must take lots of photos and show us all the before and after bits as you settle in and make this your own. I send nothing but good wishes for a speedy settlement and happy moving in period! 🙂 xoxo


  3. Marlene, I’m so excited and anxious to see pictures…and lend a hand if you need it.


  4. Congratulations, Marlene! You deserve every happiness and it sounds like you waited to find the perfect place for you. I’m thrilled for you; I truly am!



    • Thank you so much Alicia. I keep trying to get over to read but am 100 e-mails behind. I’ve finished this weeks writing for class and my blog explaining my future tardiness and hope to get there this evening after some air. I’ve been chained to this laptop for 2 days now. I’ll keep everyone posted on the progress. Quite stressful but if it falls through, I still have a great apartment. Hugs.


  5. I’m so happy for you, Marlene. Thank you for sharing a few pictures. As Pauline says, you can improve the house, but not he location, so well done. It’s so nice to have a place of your own, in a convenient, quiet community. Hurray for you!



  6. eyeclic said:

    It’s not the bricks and stone that makes the home,
    It’s the love that flows within.
    I’m so very happy for you.


  7. I have my fingers crossed for you.;-) Backing up to the forest sounds lovely and that front porch is one thing I miss in my apartment. I have my garden, but my dream was always to live in a small cabin along water. I don’t have the cabin, although the space I do have is comparable to what I wanted, I wish you lived closer I’d love to give you a hand with the move and decorating.

    Your inspiration home is also lovely, so bright and airy I know you will make yours similar but with your own personality. Looking forward to seeing before and after pictures soon.


  8. Really excited and happy for you Marlene !! Look at that porch, it’s totally awesome! And backing to nature too, WOW. You can hang bird feeders and Hummingbird feeders. Reading and watching the birds, how relaxing. You couldn’t ask for a better lot. Hey!! Maybe there’s room for a widdle friend, a little kitty cat? The home we’ve bought also has a tiny yard. We were ok with it because like you, we no longer want to have to do tons of gardening. I enjoyed that at the lake but I want to do other things now. A tiny oasis to nurture is just what the Dr ordered.
    It’s nice that you won’t have to bother with stairs either. We started off looking for a bungalow but couldn’t find one we liked in a good location. It’s all about location isn’t it. You can always re-decorate a home but you can’t change the location. I can’t wait to hear your news!! xoxK


  9. […] Marlene in her latest post is celebrating her upcoming move to home ownership.   In her post, Marlene, shared a link to a lovely bright small home, you know I had to check that out.  🙂  I was so taken with the beauty of this smaller home and with title “making it cozy with Nothing” I had to share it with you too. […]


  10. That sounds like the perfectly sized place. There is a good feeling having resolved to do something, isn’t there?



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