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Christmas is technically over. All those presents that were beautifully wrapped have been distributed to loved ones and the paper rained over several living rooms. We did Christmas in shifts this year as so many must do. My niece and her girls were visited the weekend before. My sister was two days after as she had a bad cold with fever. We appreciated her not spreading it around.

The ribbon was recycled from years gon by and once again saved.

The ribbon was recycled from years gon by and once again saved.

There is a saying; “the hurrier I go, the behinder I get.” I think it’s on our family crest. Once again, I’m behind getting done the things I wanted to make for friends and family. Selling a house during the Christmas holiday was a blessing and a welcome accomplishment on so many levels but took a great deal of my time and energy. I wish I could extend my gift giving into February. Maybe I will.

I finally finished this casserole cozy for my sister as her Christmas gift. She picked out the material and pattern just after I became ill. Thinking that it would be no problem to complete, I was surprised that I could not sew until just recently. It had been so long in the making, my sister forgot all about it and was delighted to see it complete.I did buy the casserole dish and wooden spoon as part of the gift.

Casserole caddy three years to make

Casserole caddy three years to make

Next I did a machine embroidered t-shirt for my daughter with her favorite saying stitched on it. She’s concluded there is no prince charming in her near future so it’s up to her to make her life majestic.

This is how she sees herself.

This is how she sees herself.

I’m still working on one for my son and hope to have it complete before he heads back home. They look so easy but somehow mine always end up a little off-center. What does that say about me? I must share my favorite photo of the season taken by my son. My niece’s boyfriend has this rescued Pit mix I’ve written about before. Her name is Amy and she is the sweetest dog.

Yes Santa, I've been a good girl. Please leave a bone in my stocking.

Yes Santa, I’ve been a good girl. Please leave a bone in my stocking.

I don’t know about you but for some reason I always have this long list of things to get done and never quite get there. So I will go back and make another list of the things I did accomplish. When you sum it all up, the movement was all forward. Isn’t that the direction we should be heading with a few peaks at the past to make sure we are still on the road we wanted?

With the New Year just a day away; looking back I realize that I’ve actually come a long way in a year. I have finally become well enough to drive a tiny bit and begun sewing a little. I have achieved all my financial goals I set for this year. Next year, I hope to achieve my health goals. Yes, there is a weight loss in the plan. There is a weight loss plan every year. Obviously, almost 3 years of tipping over every time I move has led to a very inactive lifestyle. That gave me time for the writing I love so much. This time I’m looking for a plan that is kinder and gentler. Three years ago I lost 50 pounds on a bet. Most of it is back. I plan on getting well this year. There are no resolutions here; just a day by day plan to make each one as good as possible. Bet you have some great plans for this year that might not have been. I’d love to hear about them. Maybe we can achieve them together.

Happy New Year Everyone!

From my heart to yours,
Marlene Herself

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  1. I can surely relate to your list of things that ‘never quite get done’. I dare say we are not unique in that aspiration. It’s awesome that you got back to sewing, you’ve made a great t-shirt….I looked at those embroidery machines a while ago, but never made a commitment. One day I would love one. You’ve got so many things crossed off your list this year Marlene, that must be a good feeling.
    I guess I’ll add the weight thing on my list too even though I haven’t been on a scale in two months and have no intention of doing so until we finish all the treats around here. My one goal is to get myself back to guitar. I used to play but haven’t picked it up in 5 years…I don’t really know why. That’s my goal this year, thanks for asking and Happy New Year!


    • I’m not rushing the weight thing either. Given away so much of the sweet treats but still some here. I keep looking at new embroidery machines myself since mine is 10 years old. But they are soooo pricey. I’d like a professional model but can’t justify the expense.. yet, Good luck with the guitar. My son has been teaching himself too. And you can’t put food in your mouth with your fingers on the strings. 🙂 I’m going to get back to hand embroidery to keep mine busy.. Thanks so much for stopping by.


  2. I don’t usually make resolutions as January is my month to heal and regain my footing after the holidays. I am looking forward to start planning my meals in order to keep Bubba and I from eating out as much and from eating so much processed foods. This was a project I started late last year and am eager to get back to it once I get this blasted tree taken down!


    • I agree with you. I might make a loose plan but resolutions never worked for me. I’m planning to eat cleaner as well but being kinder and gentler means I won’t be beating myself up anymore. I finally got my tree down today. The rest gets put awau when my son leaves for his home. After that, I’ll try and eat better. I like your idea of taking January off to heal. Boy do I need it.


  3. Hi, Just popped over to say hi! I like the message on your daughter’s T-shirt. Great sentiment.


  4. Marlene, I love your new photo! You look fantastic. I’m not sure why it shows on my blog (under comments) but not here. Must be another little widget.

    I’ve been so dedicated with my exercise, but I’ve really struggled with the junk food this year. My goal, like yours and a few others, is to reset in January and get a better handle on the *why* behind the over eating of stuff that isn’t good for me.

    I don’t usually make resolutions, but I do like the idea of a reset at the start of the new year.

    Thanks for including me in your list of blogs. You’re the best.


    • Thanks Alys. I’m learning how to get things working on this blog. The tech part is a little harder. My son helped with some of it. As for the why of eating, I have journaled extensively about it. Now I must find habits to replace the habit of stuffing down emotions that make me uncomfortable. I’m trying to find another way to be in the world that’s a bit kinder to my body. There is no rehab clinic for sugar junkies. 🙂




  5. Boy, isn’t that the truth. I like that idea too “being kinder to our body.” I working on eating a lot more fruit for starters. One meal at a time…



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